Real Coaching Revolution

Together we can co-create a new framework for Professional Coaching

where most professional coaches thrive ANDCoachVille Coach Training Leadership Team Dave Buck
we cause a massive ripple effect that makes life on Earth
better for everyone and everything.

Here is a presentation called “The Definition of Insanity = Professional Coaching”

This is a 70+ minute presentation that became CoachVille Podcast Episode 001. This will set the stage for the revolution!

Following this is a series of audios where I share with you the makings of a new approach to professional coaching that I call the “Real Coaching Revolution”.

You can skip ahead if that is your style! 😉

Let’s Play!


Presentation PDF is here



Before we get into the ideas for how you can THRIVE as a Professional Coach I have a quick invitation for you..

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A New Framework for Professional Coaching

After the initial webinar, I shared a few additional ideas that you can listen to as part of the CoachVille Podcast.
Check these out when you have a moment:

Episode 002: Grace and Insanity
Episode 003: Our Industrial Age Brains
Episode 004: Troublesome Business Gurus

Next I will share with you a series of audios that I also shared as part of our new CoachVille Podcast.

Episode 005: 2 Reasons Professional Coaches Struggle Financially


A few key points from this audio:

First I talk about the shift from the Industrial Age Transactional Coach to the Connected Age Relational Coach

Issue #1: Confusing coaching definitions.
There is one definition promoted by the International Coach Federation which is based on the Socratic Method.
Then there is the information guru “Tell them how to do it” version of coaching.
NEITHER of this styles of coaching give players what they want from a coach

Issue #2: The Transactional Business Model
I have spoken about this a few times now but it is important to keep repeating this message because we all grew up in the Industrial Age and the transactional model is all we know!

Bonus Issue #3: Coaches must OOZE confidence

A player will only hire a coach when they FEEL confidence oozing from the coach.  I call this the “Transformation Zone” and I explain it at the end of this audio.

A very personal letter that started the conversation!

In case you are curious…

Here is the initial email that I sent out to get the Real Coaching Revolution started.

You know the pop psyche definition of insanity: doing the same thing over and over while expecting a different result… this describes professional coaching!

While the number of business building programs for coaches has proliferated, the percentage of coaches who create thriving businesses has not improved.

The strange thing is: while all of these programs claim to finally “crack the code” with “breakthrough templates for complimentary conversations that sell” or “how to get unlimited ideal clients on Linked In”, they are ALL based on the same basic business model.

NEWS FLASH… The BUSINESS MODEL DOES NOT WORK FOR PROFESSIONAL COACHING; except in 2% of the cases.  A 98% fail rate indicates that the model is flawed, not the people trying to implement it.

Hi, I am Coach Dave. I am in the 2% and this is my confession…

I was one of the first 6-figure life coaches.  There are only a few people on earth who have been a professional life coach longer than I have. I started in January 1997 and by 1999 I passed the 6-figure mark.  AND this was on the phone life coaching individuals… not high paid corporate coaching/training gigs like the few other people who made 6 figures back in my day.

Here is the dirty little secret…

How do I know this failed business model so well?

How do I know that it fails 98% of the time?

Because I helped invent it!
And I have enthusiastically taught it to many thousands of coaches for the past 17 years.

All the business gurus that have come after me are teaching their version of the same model.

And if I was like the business gurus, I would write something like: “Coach Dave has helped thousands of coaches build thriving businesses for 17 years!”  But that would be a lie.

Yes I have taught business building to many thousands of coaches via teleclasses, books, events, group coaching and 1-1 coaching. But the truth is very few have become thriving six figure coaches… less than 100. And most of those were 1-1 coaching clients. (a clue)

It’s time to STOP the insanity!

We need to throw out the model, question the core assumptions and barbeque some sacred cows.

Let’s start with this one: Coaching is not really a business!! Yes! I said it.

At least not the way business was conducted in the Industrial Age!

The fundamental nature of business in the Industrial Age was based on completing transactions.

Coaching is NOT really transactional… 
it is a long term intimate relationship.

As a result, it is a LOT more like dating and romance than business.

This shift changes everything!

I believe that many fields will make this transformation in the years ahead… but we need to lead the way!


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