The global transformation from the Industrial Age of Work to the Connected Age of Purpose

It’s on!

And it presents amazing opportunities for coaches and Coach Approach leaders.  The challenge is… we have Industrial-Age Brains!!!


Here are a few notes from the podcast…CoachVille Coach Training Leadership Team Dave Buck

  1. When I think about the massive opportunities presented by the transformation to the Connected Age I get really juiced up – most of us in the coaching world have been waiting for a time when individual self-expression is valued and co-creation by energized teams is the order of the day!  However, I am realizing more and more that my brain is not really on board!  I am still wired for the Industrial Age! Yikes.
  2. This “wiring” is contained within the “Social Brain”.  This part of your brain operates below the level of conscious thought and orchestrates almost all of our social interactions: what we can do, not to, say and not say when engaged with other people.  This social brain enables humans to interact quickly and easily BUT… it also severely  restricts what you believe is possible.
  3. During the Industrial Age we were all socialized with directives like: “Do your own work”, “If you help your neighbor you are a cheater” and ” do it right the first time or don’t do it at all”.  We trained to believe that a successful life was possible by fitting in and restraining your unique gifts and qualities.
  4. In the clip from the webinar I share some of the keynotes of the transformation from the Industrial Age to the Connected Age so that you can begin to recognize it first in the world around you and then in your own thoughts and desires.
  5. I share a powerful new definition of coaching: “Coaching is a profound personal relationship in pursuit of life-changing results.”

Here is a slide from the presentation.  You can see the complete presentation here.

A Transformation in Human Achievement


I don’t spell this out so directly in the podcast so here it is.

The Connected Age is calling forth our ability to express our unique selves with courage AND to co-create with one another though honoring our uniqueness RATHER than suppressing it.

The kicker is… ALL OF US INDUSTRIAL AGE BABIES…. are really weak at self-expression and co-creation because of the social programming we received.

IF… the BIG IF… we can step into this transformation ourselves… there will be an abundance of our colleagues who will want a coach to guide them in this new game!


Coach Dave