How I address and reframe some confusing marketing messages from coaching business gurus.

There are a LOT of coaching business gurus out there sending messages and making claims that do not resonate with me at all.  I believe that we – real professional coaches – can do better… A LOT better.

A few key points from the podcast:CoachVille Coach Training Leadership Team Dave Buck

  1. The first part of the podcast is a clip from my recent webinar: The Definition of Insanity = Professional Coaching.  In this clip I share about how I reframe two of the most troublesome messages that I read: “Don’t trade your time for money” and “Don’t waste time working 1-1 with people“.
  2. Coaching includes teaching people “how to do things better” and ways to become a “bigger” person. BUT… only when it is done in a personal 1-1 relationship.  If you are telling a group of people how to do something better.. that is TRAINING not coaching.  Coaching is a personal relationship.
  3. The impersonal group – one answer for all people – mentality is a characteristic of the Industrial Age.  It was de-humanizing.  Humans are replaceable parts just like the machines.  If the activity you are teaching has any complexity at all… then it must be personalized to the strengths and qualities of the individual.  This is Coaching!
  4. Coaching is the leading and learning method of the Connected Age of Purpose… It is RE-Humanizing!
  5. As a coach you use your personal gifts and abilities to help the player make the best use of their personal gifts and abilities in pursuit of world-changing results.

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Coach Dave