Believing the same thing and expecting different results.

In Episode 002 of our podcast I share a few thoughts about GRACE and the cheeky “Definition of Insanity”.  It’s more than doing the same thing and expecting different results.  It is ALSO believing the same thing and expecting different results!

A few key points from the Podcast:CoachVille Coach Training Leadership Team Dave Buck

  1. GRACE: There are 2 meanings of the word grace.  The first is about doing something with great beauty.  The second is a pardon for a mistake.  Both are important in this situation.
  2. I share about the startling realization that I have been a Professional Life Coach for 20 years!
  3. It is humbling to realize that many of the ideas I spoke about with great confidence over the past 20 years have not been as helpful as I thought they were at the time!  GRACE is required.
  4. Why we are so prone to doing the same things over and over and expecting different results… Industrial Age Programming to trust the teacher with the answer to the problem.  When it doesn’t work, we assume that there is something wrong with US… not the “answer”.
  5. So it’s one thing to challenge someone doing something that is not getting results.  It is a much deeper thing to challenge someone BELIEVING something and expecting different results!  More GRACE required.
  6. At the end I include a 7 minute clip from my recent webinar called Professional Coaching = The Definition of Insanity

You can listen to the complete webinar here:

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