Are You Ready to Play BIG In the World?

Coach Dave here – very excited that you clicked through to this article!

We are building a global team of coaches with the courage to play BIG in the world.

Our BIG GAME is this…
ANYONE, ANYWHERE with the courage to play BIG in the world… Has a GREAT COACH.

To win this game – and bring this vision into reality – we will need A LOT of GREAT COACHES and I hope you see yourself as one – either now, or in the making.  If you do, then we want YOU on our team!

In order to Coach people with the courage to play BIG, the Coach must have the experience of playing BIG – because as I always say: you can only coach MASTERFULLY the games that you know through experience.

What does Play BIG in the World mean?

Play = fully engaged, fully expressed
You are resourceful, creative, fun. You Tap into the Human Spirit of Play.
You are willing to express yourself; even your quirky side.
You can play at ANYTHING including career, family, business, health, leadership, athletics, art, spirituality, relationships… ANYTHING

Play BIG = expand your talents through practice;
When you set out to play BIG you are willing to face challenges that build character and expand your capabilities.
You want to play better and better so that you can increase your value to your team.

Key point: Increase your value by playing better rather than working harder.
Don’t fall into the Industrial Age trap that says that the way to add more is by working harder.  In the Inspiration Age we create more by PLAYING better.

In the world=adding value to others.
This could be your co-workers, family members, clients. As long as your focus is on making a contribution to the lives of others you are playing “in the world”.
In other words, you don’t have to be Ghandi to play big in the world.

Let’s look a little deeper

A phrase I often use to explain playing big  goes like this…
You express your talents and gifts in a way that
Adds value to the lives of others AND
Brings joy and true wealth to yourself

Adding value to others AND
feeling good about who you are in the world AND
what you do everyday
are essential keys to fulfillment AND sustainability.
This is when you are loving life.

The ultimate purpose of playing BIG is to create more of those moments when you feel fully alive.

TRUE Wealth

We must expand our understanding of wealth from the accumulation of money to the accumulation of VALUE.

What you VALUE!  You play the BIG games of your life in order to accumulate what is important to YOU.

We have a model that we call the True Wealth Model that includes nine categories of things that most people feel are important:

Connection (spiritual)
Health & Energy

The key is that YOU choose what is most important to you.
YOU choose your reason for playing BIG.

So… when you play BIG in the world you will accumulate more of what you value.
When you receive as much value as you give, then you are sustainable.

If this is inspiring to you and you see yourself coaching others to live life this way …

We want you on OUR TEAM!

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