Attending Live Premiere of Virtual Chorus 2.0

Hey there!

Greetings from London. It may sound like a strange thing but I am truly excited about attending the live premiere of Eric Whitacres latest virtual choral work in NYC this evening.

You know I am always looking for real world examples of my new mantra: Together we Play Better.  This is a truly inspiring example.  Check it out.

Acclaimed Conductor Eric Whitacre ROCKED the TED conference last year with his talk about how he created a virtual chorus via YouTube.

I almost cried when I watched it!  Watching the faces of people from around the world singing into their computer camera’s to be a part of a global chorus was incredibly moving.

This page from the Paley Media Center in NYC – where the live premiere of choral work 2.0 will occur – has both the TED talk video and the video of the actual choral work 1.0.

If you have 20 minutes for RAW inspiration. Check it out.

I am going straight from Newark Airport this afternoon into NYC to watch it live.  For some reason, I feel I really need to be there.

NYC radio station WQXR is hosting a live webcast of the event at 6PM ET.

I think you can find the details of that on this page.

Enjoy.  As you watch consider your current or next quest…

How can you bring “Together We Play Better” to the forefront of the adventure?

As always…
Play BIG – The Spirit of Play Lives On in YOU

Coach Dave