5-Element CoachVille Coaching System

Thomas Leonard’s Coaching Masterpiece

CoachVille Coaching System

The Complete 5-Element CoachVille Coaching System is the Premiere System For Mastering The Craft Of Coaching, Including The 15 Proficiencies

As you progress with coaching players, you’ll want to ensure you have a rock solid foundation of coaching skills.

The 5-Element CoachVille Coaching System provides that in 15 written Learning Guides and 15 hour-long recordings in downloadable MP3 format for each of the 15 Proficiencies. Each one is a repeatable unit of learning that you can return to again and again at your convenience.

Preview: Proficiency #1 – Engages in Provocative Conversations
(^^^ This is cool!)

Also, if you choose to pursue  your certification as a coach, this material will become even more central to your studies. CoachVille’s accredited Center for Coaching Mastery uses the 15 Proficiencies as a foundation for certification.

By starting here, you’ll be well-positioned to align your skill set for mastery and certification.

Side note: Once you’ve finished the 2-minute signup process, we recommend you book some time in your appointment calendar to study and listen to these pieces.

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including an audio of each proficiency with Thomas himself (a treasure)