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A dynamic benefit of CoachVille membership … the Play BIG Show!
The Play BIG Show will inspire and enliven your coaching day!


Coaching conversations are a microcosm of societal trends and the fast pace of life. Did something just happen in the news? Who just did something noteworthy in our world?

What big societal trends are affecting work, love and life today? These things will impact your clients and your coaching, so being equipped to coach knowledgeably about them is just smart.

The ‘CoachVille Caffeine’ show airs on Mondays at 1 PM ET Not to worry though, if you can’t attend in person. Audio recordings are archived and available for downloading at your convenience.

Remember the brain researcher Dr. Joe Dispenza from “What the BLEEP do we know?” Want to hear how brain research explains the power of coaching? It is in the Caffeine Archive! Join now for immediate access!