Coach Connect

Together We Are Better

The Coach Connect system – custom-built by CoachVille – is the ‘Facebook’ for coaches. Get your profile Happy Faces together symbolize the CoachVille Coach Connect Featurepolished right away to take full advantage of this great resource.

As a Basic Coach Member, your profile includes:

  • Basic information about yourself as a coach
  • Your Favorite things
  • Your Bucket List (things you MUST do in your life before you “kick the bucket”)
  • Your Motto

And you can use CVmail and chat features to connect with other CV members in real time or on your own time…

As a Pro Coach member, you will be able to customize your profile to show:

  • Your professional experience
  • Your success stories
  • Your coaching BIO
  • Your personal ‘at play’ preferences
  • Your world, in other words, your winning environment

Together we are Better!
Your profile will immediately be searchable within the CoachVille network of over 25,000! And you can use the member search tool to find high quality collaborators and referral partners.

Content + Connection
Learning with others is always more compelling than learning in isolation. When you visit any of the resources included in your membership, you will be able to see and connect with colleagues who are currently studying the same thing. You can create an ad-hoc study group and amplify your learning experience.

Basic Coach Membership includes a personalized profile on the coach Connect System where you can be found by your CV member colleagues.

Pro Coach Includes a Detailed Professional Profile So that you can be FOUND where you can be found by anyone in the world in our “Find a Coach” feature right on the CV Home Page.