Advanced Communication Skills

Learn 75 Advanced Communication tools CoachVille Advanced Communication for Coaches

Co-create Winning Coaching Conversations

Advanced communication is when you have total trust in your ability to speak powerfully in the moment; even when you don’t know what you are about to say!

The Path of Transformation
Your natural communication style is good enough.
To: There are distinctions in language that can vastly improve your coaching results

Learn 75 communication concepts and distinctions from Thomas Leonard’s Coaching System:
15 Ultimate Outcomes,
15 Communication Style Points,
15 Frameworks,
15 Clarifiers and
15 Deliverables.

This is the comprehensive coaching communication toolkit you have been looking for!

*This Course Qualifies for 12 ICF CCEUs; 6 2-hour sessions

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The 75 concepts…

The Ultimate Outcomes

  1. Personal legacy.
  2. Financial independence.
  3. More, or better, opportunities.
  4. Design a perfect life.
  5. Expand capacity.
  6. Fulfilling lifestyle.
  7. Business and career success.
  8. Relationships.
  9. Mastery.
  10. Increased performance.
  11. Vitality.
  12. Personal sovereignty.
  13. More time.
  14. Increased creativity .
  15. Stimulating environments.

The Clarifiers

  1. Urgent or Important?
  2. Addressed or Avoiding?
  3. Accurate or Interpretation?
  4. Open or Resistant?
  5. Internal or External Reference Point?
  6. Want or Could/Should/Need?
  7. Opportunity or Possibility?
  8. Source or Symptom?
  9. Opening or Share?
  10. Response or Reaction?
  11. Create or Eliminate?
  12. Problem or Concern?
  13. Present or Past?
  14. Acceptance or Resistance?
  15. Toward or Away From?

The Style Points

  1. Hears what is actually said.
  2. Responds cleanly.
  3. Takes client’s concerns seriously.
  4. Speaks simply.
  5. Is light and neutral.
  6. Is collaborative.
  7. Communicates in full-duplex mode.
  8. Fully expresses.
  9. Keeps up.
  10. Hears between the lines.
  11. Uses commonly understood words.
  12. Is self-assured.
  13. Is client-centric.
  14. Is comfortable with problems.
  15. Is “with” the client.

The Frameworks

  1. It’s all solvable, or it’s not.
  2. Risk is always reducible.
  3. There’s usually a better way.
  4. Success is a byproduct.
  5. Emotions are our teachers.
  6. Delay is increasingly expensive.
  7. Inklings are higher intelligence.
  8. The answer is somewhere.
  9. Self-confidence can be arranged.
  10. Memes and genes are evolving at different rates.
  11. Work is for joy.
  12. Problems are immediate opportunities.
  13. People are doing their very, very best, even when they clearly are not.
  14. Awareness is unifying.
  15. Life is about us, and it’s not personal.

The Deliverables

  1. Perspective
  2. Validation
  3. Message
  4. Energy
  5. Solution
  6. Plan
  7. Structure
  8. Resource
  9. Options
  10. Caring
  11. Training
  12. Advice
  13. Strategy
  14. Feedback
  15. Challenge


Each week between classes you will play a fun and challenging game
where you earn points for:

  1. sharing about what you have learned – BONUS points for sharing on Facebook
  2. inspiring your classmates AND being inspired
  3. completing exercises that help you become a better coach
  4. playing BIG in your own life
  5. conducting coaching sessions where you use what you are learning
  6. connecting with your class partner/coach
  7. acquiring BIG WIN feedback letters from your players
  8. making a BIG WIN happen in your life

Center for Coaching Mastery Students need a minimum number of points to graduate

How this program will make you a better coach

1) You will learn, study and practice each of these 60 concepts is a fun and fast-paced conversation. You will notice the depth and effectiveness of your coaching expand without needing to try so hard.  The beauty of these concepts is that they make perfect sense so you don’t have to concentrate on them as much as be aware that you can use them.

2) The Play book for this course – created by the late Thomas Leonard –  is a masterpiece in writing. Each page is packed with coaching concepts that expand your capabilities and give you fresh ideas.  You will find yourself reading and thinking about your players while getting lots of great ideas for your next sessions.

3) You will have A LOT of Fun!  Learning and practicing with these powerful tools is really a LOT of fun for an experienced Coach.  You will find yourself using them to great effect in your very next client session – they are THAT good and THAT easy to learn and use.  Experience the sophisticated wisdom of Life Coaching’s Founding Father for yourself and meet experienced colleagues at the same time.

Peer Reviews

Christine Bunnell

The 15 frameworks helped me feel more empowered – providing more options and/or new ways to consider situations – by applying them to my own life, to better cope or meet my personal/business challenges, so I’m sure that sharing them with my clients will provide the same sense of wisdom and empowered that will help them realize their own success faster and easier.

Linda Walker

I just love the deliverables. It just makes it so much easier to help clients set the agenda more precisely. I totally plan to include it in my Prep Sheet… almost as a selection of things they can check.

Janet Palmer

How useful these clarifiers are for the coaching session. That they can be used by both the client and the coach. How much they help to foster the rapport with the client.  As I become more familiarized with them the technique of clarification becomes an integral part of my daily self talk.
This is a technique that should be used in most day to day communications because it cuts to the chase, and opens up the possibility for a better level of understanding