Expect YES, Get YES

Design a comprehensive recruitment method

In this program you will design a complete recruiting method to sign paying players jubulent man symbolizes get yes from a new clientwith confidence.
NOTE: this program is available via self-paced learning only.

Transform your mindset:

From: I am uncomfortable selling to clients

To: I LOVE recruiting players to my team

You will learn the CEO method to Connect, Engage and Offer your coaching services to potential players.  You will develop a complete recruiting methodology based on the incredible “7 Yeses” formula.  With your method  you can expect a “YES” from your potential player before you even ask them to hire you.  In fact, most of the time, you won’t have to ask because they will ask YOU to Coach them!

Key Concept – You are Recruiting

1. This program is available via self study only.
2. Price $195
3. http://ExpectYes.coachville-220824.mystagingwebsite.com/


3 Big Ideas at the core of our method:

1) Coaches recruit players.

You are recruiting players into your game and your team.  This is distinct from SELLING coaching services.
Companies that make products, sell them.  It does not matter who buys the product.  For most business people who provide services, it does not matter who buys the service – so they sell the service to anyone who will buy it.
Coaching is VERY different in this way:  While it is a big decision for the player to hire you as a Coach, it is JUST as big a decision for you as the Coach to take them on as a player!  You must choose your players with some care. Why? Because your players become a part of YOUR LIFE.

2) Coaching is an Investment.

People who hire a coach see it as an investment in themselves, their purpose, their dreams, and their future.  When people invest they require a fair degree of certainty that they will get a return on their investment.
In the world of investing, money moves toward certainty and away from doubt.  So you must learn how to create an experience of certainty for the people you interact with.

3) The critical moment of choice

If you want people to hire you, you MUST have the courage make your offer in a bold way: “You will win with me as your coach”.  Everything you do with everyone you meet leads up to these critical moments and your goal is to get enough “Yes”s on a consistent basis to keep your business thriving with a waiting list.

Here is what you will accomplish

Design a complete recruitment methodology
Craft a compelling (re)Launch Letter to send to your network
Script and practice your Exploratory Session
Produce all of the necessary documents for your recruitment process
Explore ALL of your own inner resistance to making offers
Clarify exactly what you offer and how much you charge for your services

The 7 Yeses Formula

EVERYTHING you do as a Coach is a part of your Recruiting Process.  Starting with how you introduce yourself and culminating with your exploratory session, EVERYTHING contributes to the positive experience that leads to you signing another paying player / client.  In every conversation you must create an experience for your potential player that builds certainty for them with you.

Another way of saying it is that when someone is talking to you as a Coach, as soon as the possibility of hiring you comes into the conversation there are a LOT of questions and concerns and possibilities swirling around in their thoughts; questions about you, thoughts about themselves and their situation etc.
The same could be said for you!  As the relationship unfolds, you may have a lot of thoughts and questions as well; Can I coach this person? Do I WANT to coach this person? Will they want to hire me?

When there are doubts and unresolved questions present – sometimes spoken but most often unspoken – the prospective player CAN NOT say YES to hire you.  Remember, money moves toward certainty and moves away from doubt.
So we must design the entire process and in particular your exploratory session and practice it so that you build certainty.

If you want them to say YES, then you need each of these 7 YESes.

1) YES – They believe that YOU KNOW the game better than they do
2) YES – They believe that YOU have the ability to help them play better and win
3) YES – They believe in YOU as a person – there is some aspect of your life that they respect or aspire to
4) YES – They believe that you understand them enough to offer your Coaching services to them because you believe in them as a person, not as a sales pitch
5) YES – They believe that your fee is LESS than THEIR perceived value of winning the game (and they can afford to pay the fee)
6) YES – They believe that coaching with you will serve them in fulfilling a meaningful purpose in their life right now
7) YES – They believe in themselves enough to invest in Coaching with you. They believe that they have what it takes to play to win

If you have the seven yeses, they will hire you. If you don’t, they will not.

So, the challenge is this:

Orchestrate the whole experience, including everything leading up to the exploratory session, so that when the “You Will Win with me as your coach” moment arrives you already have the 7 YESes in hand? And you say it with confidence.
Establish your credibility, rapport and mutual understanding with the prospect so that when you say “You Will Win with me as your coach”, they say “YES”.
7 Yeses may seem like a lot and it is. And that is why it really is quite challenging to build a coaching business. Let’s not kid ourselves – it IS challenging.

Let’s also remember that the rewards of meeting the challenge and thriving as a coach are enormous. As with all things in life, the rewards are a match for the size of the challenge.
The Best part is that you will be a part of a team with a seasoned coach and together you will accomplish more than you ever would alone.

The 12 steps of the recruitment method

1) You craft and send a Launch Letter or Update letter to everyone you know
2) You meet people
3) You connect and introduce yourself as a Coach
4) You PROJECT Certainty (and a zest for life)
5) Engage
6) Make an offer for your “create possibility meeting” or “Exploratory Session”
7) Follow up Maven
8) Send your “Pre-Exploratory Session” documents including your offer sheet with prices
9) Conduct your exploratory session
10) Make an offer for your coaching services
11) Send your “New Client Information” package and coaching agreement
12) Conduct your first coaching session