Step Up And Stand Out

A powerful business program exclusively for Professional Coaches.

Hey Coach!On the Mountain top symbolizes standing out in business
Coach Dave Buck here with a potentially challenging AND business transforming question:

Who have you earned
the right to coach?

Probably no one has asked you this question directly. BUT, most people that you talk with about your coaching service WILL ask themselves this question about you.


You answer this question with every conversation
you have and everything you say or write
about your coaching business.

BIG Truth #1:

Unless YOU KNOW that you have earned the right to Coach, very few people will ever hire you.

Your energy is ALWAYS flowing.  When you are talking to someone they feel the energy you are exuding.  Are you exuding… “I have earned the right to coach you!”?

BIGGER Truth #2:

You do NOT earn the right to Coach by Coach Training.
You EARN the Right to Coach by playing BIG in life.

Then you become masterful as a Coach through training and practice.
This is why before you do ANYTHING else – including coach training – you MUST declare and articulate HOW you have earned the right to coach and WHO you have earned the right to coach.


You have already earned the right to coach a large number of people.

However, you may not know it yet because you have grossly underestimated the incredible value of your life experiences! (not to worry: We all do this) AND/OR you have never taken the time to declare this clearly and powerfully.
(We will do this together)

Through a series of powerful conversations, group exercises, individual reflection exercises and “reach out” exercises…

You will powerfully declare:
HOW you have earned the right to Coach and
WHO you have earned the right to Coach.

Program Details and Registration

  • Six 2-hour teleclass sessions
  • The teleclass series includes powerful group breakout sessions
    (on our amazing Maestro Conference Bridge)
  • A detailed Play Book with all of the exercises
  • A recording of every session is available in case you miss a session – You will have permanent access to the recordings
  • Using the CoachVille Social Game system you will engage in a lively team game while you learn and take action. This will create a great opportunity to connect and collaborate with your classmates and build your professional network.

1. Upcoming program dates & times
2. Instructor Information
3. A la carte price $600 (or 2 payments of $345)

This program is included in the following:
Center for Coaching Mastery Complete Certification Program
Center for Coaching Mastery Starter Certification Program
Center for Coaching Mastery Summer Intensive Certification Program
Coach Training Catalog – ICF CCEUs

You may be wondering…

  • How to inspire people you meet to jump at the chance for your exploratory session.
  • How to transform your small newsletter into a big list
  • How to transform your web site to generate clients
  • How to boost your blog to generate traffic and clients
  • How to inspire your Facebook or LinkedIn friends to hire you and/or send you referrals
  • How to share with your friends and family so that they know exactly what you are talking about (LOL, couldn’t resist that one) and TOTALLY support you all the way.

There is one over arching method for all of these goals:


Building your clarity and certainty
is the foundation for everything else you do!

And this is EXACTLY what you will do in the Step Up and Stand Out program.

In this program you WILL expand your clarity and your certainty by doing provocative and fun exercises.
Here are a few examples…

1.The Games You Have Lived exercise will help you define WHO you are qualified to coach
2. Your Coaching Manifesto will define WHY you coach (and will really improve the power of your web site if you have one)
3. Defining your Coaching Method will greatly clarify HOW you teach people how to play better and win on their own terms (This will REALLY improve the power of your web site and every coaching conversation)
4.The Success Stories Matrix will make boost your credibility AND make it so easy to talk to people about your coaching
5.Your Offer Sheet will help you transform your experiences into tangible services.
6. The How to Talk About What You Do Process will make it so much easier to talk and write about your coaching services so that other people actually get excited about it!

How it works

You will transform your life experiences into a compelling coaching brand!
Through a powerful combination of…

1) An in depth series of soul searching and self-reflection exercises in a detailed Play Book
2) Thought provoking examples discussed in class
3) Support and challenge from class mates during in-class break outs (on our amazing Maestro Bridge) and in between sessions using CV Coach Connect AND
4) A series of powerful “Reach Out” exercises (we will explain this in class)

You will get VERY clear about exactly what you are doing with your coaching business.

We call this deep clarity: Certainty

Certainty is the number one thing that
determines your success as a professional Coach

because NO ONE will work with a Coach – even pro bono – if they fear that the Coach doesn’t know what s/he is doing.

(re)Start Your Business Right!

If you are THINKING about becoming a professional coach…
START here!

Before you do any (more) Coach Training or Business Training.
I am serious about this.

If you have been coaching for awhile, or at least you have been calling yourself a coach, and your business is not thriving with a waiting list…

Note: This program is NOW included in the Center for Coaching Mastery!
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A Note about Your Coaching Future

Once you get your first 20-50 paying players, things start to move very quickly and evolve very naturally one their own.

1) CO-create great results with your players.
2) Keep playing bigger and bigger games in your own life AND
3) Do the Step Up and Stand Out program every two years to refresh your clarity with what you have accomplished and who you have become.

As you Play BIGGER and CO-create bigger results, you earn the right to coach bigger players in bigger games. (and typically charge higher fees) But often we don’t notice our own growth or recognize that our value has expanded. Repeating this program every few years will help you keep your coaching business fresh.

DB-maven-2Play BIG!

The Spirit of Play Lives On in YOU!

Ps. This program is intense AND it is a lot of fun. It will totally energize you.

Pps. You will meet some great colleagues in this program too. Be prepared to expand your professional network.

Ppps. this program is the combination of several programs that I have created over the past 8 years. I think it may be the most profound program that I have ever created.