I Love Coaching Game

Play With BIG Ideas

Note: This Game has been merged into the Play Big In the World Game starting in March 2012

Your Coaching, Your Business, Your Life
OR… YOUR BOOK, Your teleclass, Your Workshop, Your Client’s Business
It’s all about Engagement and this is the way to do it!

Gamify is the VERB of the decade and YOU can learn how to create abundant new revenue streams!
Details Below

First, About the I Love Coaching Game…

Expand your coaching abilities
Explore proficiencies, principles, methods and models
Experience “juicy learning” in our social game environment.I Love Coaching Game
ATTRACT NEW CLIENTS / PLAYERS with our powerful facebook integration!

Earn valuable reward points as you put new ideas into play in your business and life and share what you learn.

Connect with energized CoachVille members and Center for Coaching Mastery instructors.

WARNING! This program is NOT about teaching you stuff! It is about playing with BIG Ideas and co-creating meaningful experiences. Be a part of it and watch your results soar.

This program is ideal for coaches, managers, trainers, teachers, counselors, business owners and leaders; ANYONE who loves to help other people grow, play better in life and win on their own terms.

This program is a cross between…

  • A rocking ongoing “Game” party you look forward to every week
  • An old school Solon where you discuss weighty ideas with other fascinating people
  • A mastermind group where you get support for your most important initiatives
  • AND… an online Social Game where you earn points as you accomplish things!
  • the $25/month is like chipping in to cover expenses 😉

Each game is one month in duration with four 1-hour conference calls on our interactive Maestro Bridge.
So we will have BIG group conversation as well as small group breakouts.
Every month we will have a new game with new BIG coaching ideas to discuss and new challenges to pursue.

AND become a more diverse and connected Coach at the same time.

October 2011 Outline

You can review the October Game Outline pdf here

October 2011 Game Logistics

The October game opens for play on Thursday October 6th; and ends on Friday October 28th Registration is open until October 14th.

And perhaps the most remarkable thing is that you can play the game for a nominal fee of $25US for each month you play!
A great value.

October 2011 teleclass dates and how to get FREE registration

($25) Fridays October 7,14,21,28 1-2PM ET with Coach Dave

CoachVille Members are invited to play one month for FR*EE!

CoachVille Members are invited to play one month for FREE.  So you should have no hesitation to jump in and check it out!

So simply, join CoachVille, then (or if you are already a member…)
Send an email to ILoveCoaching@coachville-220824.mystagingwebsite.com.

We will “manually” put you into the game and you will receive an email from the CoachVille system with instructions on how to get into the game.

All calls will be recorded.

The CoachVille Vision…

Everyone, Everywhere with the courage to play BIG in the world,
has a GREAT Coach!

To Play BIG in the world means:
To add MAXIMUM value to the lives of others by fully EXPRESSING your talents and gifts
in a way that BRINGS joy, fulfillment and WEALTH to yourself!

The I LOVE Coaching Game is an environment for coaches to play and learn together.

Let’s Play BIG!

Coach Dave, MCC, MBA
and the CV Team

Ps. Please pass this playbook along to anyone who you think might be interested in this information OR in playing in this game: fellow coaches, managers, teachers, leaders, trainers, counselors, business owners… you know, your “coachee” friends. ;-))
You can even form your own team in the game if you want to!

Understanding the Game

As you prepare for the I Love Coaching game, understand that the game is played in your real life!  You earn points when you…Jumping for joy symbolizes coaching success in the Inspiration Economy

1) Complete Exercises

Examples include:

  • Share your thoughts, questions and insights about provocative questions.
  • Do something Playful with 2 or more other people and share photos. Describe what made it PLAY for you.

2) Participate in Actions

Examples include:

  • “Talk to Ten” use a skill or talk about an idea with up to 10 people – your friends, colleagues and players, clients – and share what you learn from these real world experiences.
  • Review the game cards of up to 10 of your fellow participants and offer encouragement and celebrations.

3) Create results

This means that something happened in the world because of your actions or intentions.

Results are about influence rather than control.  If you can control it, then it is not a game it is a task.  If you can NOT control it, but you can influence it with your action, skill, energy etc. then it is a game result.

Examples include:

  • Getting positive feedback from someone you are coaching.  You can’t make them give you positive feedback, but you can influence them to.  So this is a game result.
  • Getting positive feedback about something that you created or shared.

Taking this example a bit further…
Let’s say you write a chapter of your book.  This is an awesome thing, but writing the chapter is NOT a result in our way of thinking.  It is a completed task.  However, writing it and sharing it with 20 people and getting 3 positive comments in return… THAT is a game result.  You can’t make them read it or like it or take the time to respond, but you CAN influence them with a clear request and /or exceptional writing.  So if you were “playing for” 5 positive endorsements then you can look at your performance results of 3 and look for ways to play better next time.  This is what makes something a game.

IMPORTANT! There will be A LOT of different exercises, actions and results that you can do to earn points in the game.  You don’t have to do them all! It is not a test and you don’t have to get 100%.  Pick the ones that will be engaging, challenging and fun for you and go for it with gusto.  Don’t worry about the rest.

We call it “Juicy Learning”

You know when something is “juicy”; when it’s personal, provocative, meaningful, edgy, maybe a little dramatic and suspenseful. You may not want your whole life to be juicy, but, your BIG GAME in life should ALWAYS be juicy. You know that feeling when your juices are really flowing, that is when life is sweet; that is when you come alive!juice from an orange symbolizes our juicy learning philosophy

Juicy Learning = Purposeful Play + Personal Pride + Public Visibility

In every I Love Coaching game you will experience “Juicy Learning”. In between each class session, you will engage in a game with your classmates (aka team mates) that brings your coaching to life. You and your team mates will earn points as you complete exercises, take actions and get results related to what you are learning in class.

Every student has a player profile so you can see the faces and explore interesting facts about your colleagues. You can see the complete class scoreboard, read what your colleagues are doing and learning and share your experiences as well through words and pictures.

You can use our “Coach Connect” features to connect with your fellow students by CV Chat or CV Mail to share a win or request support. Playing and then sharing your experiences – your wins, challenges and ideas – in a public forum adds a powerful dimension of visibility and camaraderie! It’s fun, AND Along the way you really grow as a coach!
That is Juicy Learning.

Important Distinctions

Worker Mindset vs. Player Mindset

This is VERY important because it is easy to look at the game card and slip into “Worker Mode” or “Task Mode”.  This is because you grew up during the Industrial Age and were massively programmed (aka schooled) for the Industrial concept of work.

Worker Mindset looks like this:
Sit down. Shut up. Do what you are told. Complete your tasks. Do them perfectly. If you talk with the other kids you are cheating.

In the Inspiration Age it is a whole new world…

This is a game where we are boldly stepping into the Inspiration Age and UNLEASHING the Human Spirit of Play

The Player Mindset looks like this:Jumping with colorful umbrella symbolizes the freedom to play
Step Up. Stand Out. Creatively express yourself. Enjoy doing it. Engage and add value with as many other people as possible.

Work and Control vs. Play and Influence

Work is about controlling yourself or others to get something done in a specific way in a set time frame.  Work and control are about eliminating risk and uncertainty.

Play is about influencing what happens in the world through your skillful actions, strategies and energy.  Play also includes enjoying the action and the other people playing.  AND play also includes the pursuit of mastery in the game and the feeling of “playing better”.  Play is about embracing risk and uncertainty.  Your influence may or may not produce the result. It is the unknown that makes the game engaging because YOUR effort and energy can influence the result but cannot control it.

The Object of Your Game as a Player

It is YOUR game.  You decide what the object of the game is for you.  It is fun to see how and what the other players are doing.  Look at them for inspiration and avoid comparing yourself to them.  You will set your own objectives for the game. Play for them AND enjoy how the other players play for their own.

I hope you will join us for the game.  We would love to meet you.

Coach Dave