Observe Any Class

There are many great reasons to observe a CoachVille Class!
1) Maybe you have never been on a teleclass and you are wondering what it is like.woman with magnifyer symbolizes exploring the classes at coachville

2) Maybe you have been on a teleclass or two and thought they were kind of boring and you are wondering: “how on earth can I do a class that is two and a half hours?”.

3) Maybe you want to be sure that our instructors are first class or that your fellow students are interesting and smart.

4) Maybe you are just about to sign up for one of our programs and just want to make sure that this is right for you.

Well… What ever your reason is,

We are happy to welcome you as an observer in any class.
You can even join in the conversation if you want to get the full experience.  You will also be able to observe a coaching practice dyad.

Our classes are truly unique; including learning dialogues, coaching demonstrations and breakout sessions.  You have to experience one to understand what we mean.
Here is what you need to do…

To observe any class simply contact one of our admissions advisors by phone or e-mail and we will set it up for you.  Call 866-548-6516 (24 / 7)

1) Our phone answering team will attempt to put you through to someone OR set up a call on our online calendar for a quick conversation.

2) We will figure out which class will be best for you to observe.

3) We will give you a phone number and pin code for the class.

4) Then you call into the bridge at the appointed time and you are “In Class!”

5) Remember!  You are welcome to jump in and participate if you want to.


Join us! It will be fun.