Unique Features of our Training Programs


We have spent over a decade inventing and re-inventing the craft of coaching AND the coach training needed to be a great coach in a fast-changing world.
We have developed a comprehensive approach that is stunningly simple and powerfully effective.

You will learn in the most innovative coach training environment ever created. Every program is a play-able, coach-able game that will challenge and inspire you.

You will coach in EVERY class. You will BE coached in every class. You have to play well and coach well in order to graduate.

You will learn in the most innovative coach training environment ever created. Every program is a play-able, coach-able game that will challenge and inspire you.

1) ICF Accreditation – The global certification standardACTP logo symbolizes ICF Accreditation

Our program – The Center for Coaching Mastery – is accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF) Which means that our program has reached the highest standard for professional coach training available in the world today. This means that you can earn the global standard certification – Professional Certified Coach (PCC)

2) Our philosophy about coaching – the Pursuit of Human Greatness

There are three fundamental pursuits on the path to coaching mastery: The Pursuit of Human Greatness with the dynamic between support and challenge; This is leads to The Pursuit of Inner Freedom with the dynamic between In and Out of the Comfort Zone; Finally the Pursuit of Personal Evolution with the dynamic between reflecting and adapting to environments.

3) The Global Classroom – Super Convenient + Highly Engaging + Global Diversity

All of our classes are delivered by super-convenient dialogue-rich teleclasses. You dial into our amazing Maestro Bridge at class time and you are fully engaged in learning.  You can raise your hand to participate in the conversation.  Our system supports “breakouts” so part of the class you are in a big group dialogue, and part of it you are with a partner coaching each other.  The instructor can visit your breakout group to provide feedback and answer questions.  It is really quite awesome!

4) Real Coaching in Every Class – our Class Structure

Our classes are designed to maximize participation and self-expression.  Pre-class you are assigned reading and listening to a real coaching recording.  Then in class you will engage in a large group dialogue, coach and be coached with your partner and engage in a lively debrief.  Following each class is an optional 30 minute Q&A with the instructor.

5) Active Learning Model – The DTMOPP Method
Our learning model is based on time-tested principles for the BEST way to learn a craft with a great deal of subtlety.Active Learning Model
The DTMOPP Method stands for Desire, Theory, Method, Observe, Practice, Play.  Dynamic participation is the gateway to mastery!

6) Our Social Game System – the spirit of play lives on!

Imagine you have a coaching session with one of your new players.  You get some positive feedback from your player and enter it into the social game system and earn points in the game.  Then a bunch of people are cheering for you as if you just scored a touchdown in a football game!  That is fun! Your REAL Life, and your new endeavor to become a great coach, is a very important and very challenging game.  You deserve to be cheered and supported just as much – probably more – than someone playing football.

7) Coach by phone – the cornerstone of your lifestyle business opportunity

By participating in our teleclass-based program you will learn how to “Coach by Phone” which is how over 95% of coaching is delivered. You can, of course, coach face-to-face with what we will teach you.  However, since coaching is typically delivered in regularly scheduled conversations over a period of time, most people – coaches and players alike – prefer the convenience provided by the phone.

8) Business Training – Built into the curriculum

Business is your ticket to freedom.  Business is a game you can learn how to play and win on your own terms.  This is our fundamental belief.  While many coaching programs lament about how their students just aren’t good at business, we take the initiative and build vital business training right into our program.  If your aim is to become a professional coach, we don’t believe that you should learn how to coach and THEN try to build your business.  We believe that you should start building your business from your first day in class.

9) Any Time Lifetime Access – you are always welcome back any time

One of the most phenomenal features of our school is Lifetime Access to your CFCM – Full and Starter program classes.  As a student in our school you are welcome back to class any time; for as long as we are around. (and that will probably be for a very long time!) If a few years from now you would like a refresher class, you are welcome – at NO ADDITIONAL cost.

All of our live programs include immediate access to the self-study version of the class. This way you will have immediate and permanent access to the recordings, playbooks and supplemental materials. No matter when your teleclass starts, you can get started right away.