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Partner with CoachVille

Imagine sending your friends and colleges to CoachVille, you are sharing a high energy, life changing coaching program, you are inspiring human greatness! AND the potential for such an amazing referral income would be a excellent addition to your coaching revenue. Stop trading time for money and instead inspire others to PLAY BIG!

The quick Details:

Becoming a CoachVille partner is simple – and yet provides such amazing rewards! You send your friends and collegues to CoachVille to PLAY BIG and we send you BIG MONEY!! Up to 28% of the sales from anyone you refer, if someone purchases the full program you could earn more than $1500.00!!

As a partner, everyone who you refer to the school who purchases a class, membership or a product is automatically linked to your account. For each class or product they purchase – you aree rewarded by bringing a friend or a collegue to dynamic and powerful coach training AND earning an incredible passive income for yourself. It is a WIN- WIN experience and you know we LOVE that!

Partners in our program can keep making money from a referral sent to our school if the visitor continues to purchase classes, programs or memberships, as they are linked to your account permanently! And even better if your referral
sends another coach to CoachVille – you can earn 3% on any continued purchases.

Simple Steps for Signing Up NOW:

1. Log into CoachVille as a member.
2. Click MY PROFILE at the top right of screen.
3. Scroll down to Become A CoachVille Partner – click.
4. Fill out required information.
5. Submit.
6. You are officially a CoachVille Partner!
7. Details of program on following pages.


The Finer Details:

The Partner Program has three tiers, Inspirer/Partner, Enroller and Connector.

The Inspirer/Partner: Earnings 20%

This tier is the level in which you refer someone to the CoachVille site who is not presently a member. You are excited  about your experience and want to spread the joy with coaching friends and colleagues. They go to and become a basic member.

As they are in the sign up process for the Free basic membership there is a field at the bottom of the sign up screen that says: One last thing: Where did you hear about us? Be sure those who referred you search for your name and add it to that field.

At that point this person is now connected to you as the inspirer/partner. As soon as they purchase a program or class – you will receive the partner earnings. Once again, Inspirer/partner is ONLY for people who are not already members of the
CoachVille site, if they are members there is still potential for earning – you can enroll them
in a particular class or program.


The Enroller: Earnings 8%

This tier is the level in which you refer someone to a particular class or program. You are excited about a particular class or program and want others to benefit as you have, so you encourage they to PLAY BIG and sign up for class.
Since they are already a member you have them go directly to your Partner page.

Your partner page is:

Important note: have them use the address AS LISTED – do not use www as it will direct them back to the CoachVille homepage. This is counterintuitive for many people – so be sure to clearly point this out when giving instructions.
Once they land on your page you will have already listed your recommended programs – when they click through your page to purchase a class or program you will then earn your enroller percentage.


The Connector: Earnings 3%

If a coach you referred to CoachVille then refers another your potential for earning continues as you will earn 3% on that third tier referral!

The greatest potential for earnings is as an Inspirer and enroller – 28% earnings.

To earn this amount the person you refer will have to be a new member to CoachVille and follow the Partner/Inspirer path above. Once they are a member you can then have them head to your profile page as listed in the enroller path.
If they purchase a class based on your recommend classes you have then earned both Partner/Inspirer earning AND enroller earnings!

Details about your profile and partner tools:

1) You can access all of your partner information by clicking on your MY PROFILE tab, on the left side of your screen you will find a link PARTNER INFORMATION. When you land on your partner information page you will see a series of new tabs – these tabs give you all the information you need about your partner program.

2) Click on your Recommended Programs tab – this tool is important to your  –

• Click on Recommended Programs – this is where you will pick the classes or programs that you want to recommend. It’s very simple – highlight the class and click ok.

• We do suggest recommending our Open House, it is the perfect low cost entry point for your referrals. The Open House allows those you refer to attend any class durign the two day period as a silent observer, they experience the rich course content and the powerful coaching community that makes CoachVille famous.

The Become A Coach Game, for those brand new to coaching, is designed to introduce your referral to both coaching and CoachVille. It is only $21.00 and is a powerful experience – it lets those new to coaching try the teleclass
format, they learn some basic coaching skills and methods and really explore coaching in depth. People are inspired in this class and often purchase the full program or several classes after.

• For experienced coaches looking for CCEU’S or to add skills or methods you should recommend the classes which most impacted you and your practice and include a sentence or two about why in your welcome message.

3) The Tools and Links tab leads you to images and graphics that are encoded with your partner information – you can use them for promotion online!

• Find a graphic style that works with your website, add it and start collecting passive earnings!

4) The Transactions tab and Payment History tab contain all the information about your referrals and earning history.

5) Then head to your My Profile – your link is also at the top of the CV website.

• To the left on your profile page are some links for adding fun and inspiring information about you- click and share!

• You will notice a new link – Partner Information. Click on that link and add a photo (or a logo for your company, book cover) and some inspired copy about why you recommend CoachVille and your favorite classes.

• Be sure to click the display this section – yes button above the photo. This is where people you refer will land when you give them your personal CoachVille page.

Your personal CoachVille profile is:

* important note – there is no www in this address.

• Although it is not a requirement to be a partner it does show those you are referring that you are PLAYING BIG! Make it inspiring! Add your photo, write about yourself and your practice as a coach – let people know who you are

6) For an example of a complete profile, partner pages and recommended programs you can go to:

Play Big and Refer Many!