Hey Coach,

Coach Dave here.

Yes! You read that headline correctly.  You can name your own price for any ONE of our three powerful Coaching Methods programs that start next Tuesday April 12th.  Each program is 12 weeks and qualifies for 30 ICF CCEU’s.

Any reasonable offer will be accepted.

Each of these three programs is “rock your coaching world” fantastic.  We KNOW that.  And we want to give you a chance to find out as well, On YOUR OWN TERMS!

Each program has a retail price of $895; And we do sell them at this price.  We want a LOT more people to experience our innovative school so we are opening up the doors in ways never done before.

Coach Deanna calls this our “Transparency Project”

Remember our Open House a few weeks back?  It was a HUGE success, so we are doing it again in a few weeks.  But this time you can be IN the class rather than observing – FOR YOUR OWN PRICE.

Simple Rules & Procedures

1) You can only purchase ONE program with the name your own price option.

2) HOWEVER, if you bring in a coaching colleague at the same price you are paying, THEN you can name your own price for a second class.  (tomorrow, I will be announcing the Business Academy classes that start on Wednesday April 13th)

3) Send an email to coachdave@coachville-220824.mystagingwebsite.com with the class you want and the price you want to pay.  I will respond within 24 hours (up to April 12th) and let you know if your offer is accepted.  Then one of our member services team members will contact you to sort out the details.


Please pass this on to other coaches you know!

We would be MOST grateful if you would pass this extraordinary offer email to other coaches you know.  This is a GREAT way to pick up a bunch of CCEU’s at a great price.

OR send it to people you know (like managers and personal growth mavens) who SHOULD definitely explore the possibility of becoming a Coach.

Now, they can check us out in a VERY affordable way.

Program Catalog with BEAUTIFUL program introduction pdf’s

Play Two Win Method Coaching

Play Two Win Playbook Intro <<– Highly detailed course description

12 Tuesdays Starting April 12th 2-4:30 PM ET with Coach Jean Johnson

Learn the powerful nine step coaching method where you elicit the human spirit of play by guiding your player to design a winnable game, play better and win on their own terms.  You will learn how to combine your personal experience with the method to provide what every player wants from their coach: confidence that you can help them win through game planning, skills practice, inner freedom and a winning environment.  You will learn how to provide the right balance between support and challenge that leads to human greatness. Your confidence as a coach will soar as you master this method.
*This course qualifies for 30 ICF-CCEUs

Inner Freedom Method  Coaching

Inner Freedom Playbook Intro <<– Highly detailed course description

12 Tuesdays Starting April 12th 2-4:30 PM ET with Coach Dave Buck
12 Tuesdays Starting April 12th 8-10:30 PM ET with Coach Julica Hermann

Expand Your Personal Energy and Create BIG Results (and stop wasting energy holding yourself back). When you have Inner Freedom: Your personal energy flows freely; You experience inner freedom because you are comfortable with BIG challenges and intense situations. Your personal energy is focused; You experience clarity of intention because your mind is open and free of limiting beliefs. Your personal energy is fulfilled; You experience results because you know that your actions are co- creating with the world around you as the game unfolds. *This course qualifies for 30 ICF-CCEUs.

Personal Environments Method Coaching

Personal Environments Playbook Intro <<– Highly detailed course description

12 Tuesdays Starting April 12th 2-4:30 PM ET with Coach Ingrid Sedihn
12 Tuesdays Starting April 12th 8-10:30 PM ET with Coach Lorraine Esposito

Design a World That Inspires You to Greatness (and stop wasting your life overcoming obstacles). In this program you will learn how to design your personal environment first by becoming aware of the energy of everything and then by consciously choosing and refining the “who, what and where” of everything around you. When you do this well you can play BIG in life and win in a way that is energizing and sustainable. AND as a byproduct you will find yourself evolving in wonderful and surprising ways.  *This course qualifies for 30 ICF-CCEUs.

YES! You really can name your own price.  All reasonable offers will be accepted.  Each of these programs retails for $895 US and is worth a lot more than that in terms of what you will be able to do after you complete the program.

Email: coachdave@coachville-220824.mystagingwebsite.com with the program you want to do and your offered price.

Remember: a limit of ONE program per person.

Play BIG! The Spirit of PLAY Lives On In YOU.
Coach Dave Buck