Coach Dave announces the revolutionary new game-based program:

The I Love Coaching Game!

The tagline for the program is “Play with BIG Ideas” and that is exactly what you will do.

In the game you will explore ideas from Coaching skills and Personal Growth programs and then earn points as you put them into play in your own life and coaching practice.

For example, in the August 2011 game you will explore one of Thomas Leonard’s 15 Coaching Proficiencies: Reveals the Client to Themselves where there is a list of 12 things worth revealing.  When you are able to reveal one of these things in a coaching session and share about it in the game system you earn points.

You actually earn reward points for
providing great coaching and
sharing about it.
This is awesome!

The monthly program is delivered by 4 weekly teleconference calls using the acclaimed Maestro Conference Bridge so there will be a LOT of big and small group interaction on each call.

It is perfect for coaches (obviously) but also for managers, trainers, teachers, counselors, business owners and leaders; ANYONE who loves to help other people grow, play better in life and win on their own terms.

This program is a cross between…

  • A rocking ongoing “Game” party you look forward to every week
  • An old school Solon where you discuss weighty ideas with other fascinating people
  • A mastermind group where you get support for your most important initiatives
  • AND… an online Social Game where you earn points as you accomplish things!

Each game is one month in duration with four 1-hour conference calls on our interactive Maestro Bridge.
So we will have BIG group conversation as well as small group breakouts.
Every month we will have a new game with new BIG coaching ideas to discuss and new challenges to pursue.

Ideas for the August 2011 Game include:

  • Attraction Principle: Unhook Yourself from the Future
  • Coaching Principle: When one is fully understood, one moves forward more quickly
  • Evolutionary Progression: Idea -> Expression -> Art
  • Coaching Proficiency: Reveals the Client to themselves.

BIG Questions we will explore in August…

  • If there was no future, what would you do differently today?
  • How can you set goals with your players without getting them “hooked” by the future?
  • What is the relationship between coaching and “Art” in the Inspiration Economy
  • What does it mean to be “Fully Understood”

Another example of innovation in this program is how the participants (called Players) will earn points for applying the ideas in their own lives.  In the August 2011 game each player will be encouraged and rewarded for taking an idea and finding a way to express it and evolve it into Art in such a way that can be shared with the group.

Points for Show and Tell! Amazing fun.
AND become a more diverse and connected Coach at the same time.

August 2011 Playbook

<<–You can review the complete Playbook here!  It is packed with ideas.  Please enjoy and pass it along to your “coachee” friends. 😉

August 2011 Game Logistics

The August game opens on Monday August 1st; and ends on Friday August 26th
Registration is open from July 25th until August 12th.

And perhaps the most remarkable thing is that you can play the game for a nominal fee of $25US for each month you play!  A great value.

Even MORE exciting…
If you have not played the game before, then you can play your first game for FR*EE by becoming a CoachVille member!

August 2011 teleclass dates and FREE registration

Wednesdays August 3,10,17,23 8-9PM ET with Coach Dave
Fridays August 5,12,19,26 1-2PM ET with Coach Dave

However, CoachVille Members are invited to play one month for FREE.  So you should have no hesitation to jump in and check it out!

So simply, join CoachVille, then (or if you are already a member…)
Send an email to with your preferred time slot in the subject line.

We will “manually” put you into the game and you will receive an email from the CoachVille system with instructions on how to get into the game.

To get more information about the I Love Coaching Game: Click here