The more aware anyone is, the better choices they can make for themselves. Part of what great coaches do with players is to help them discover their gifts, talents, wants, values, needs and dreams, as well as come to understand what motivates and inspires them. The result? A well-informed player quickly moving forward on their path of self-awareness.

Boy expresses delight in seeing the globe up close symbolizes revealing the client to themselves

Top 10 Things Worth Revealing
(with 2 Bonus Items ;-))

1) Frameworks / Assumptions

2) A Pattern

3) Unrecognized Gifts

4) Sources of energy / motivators

5) Personality type

6) Unmet personal needs

7) Areas of irresponsibility

8) Mission / Vision

9) Personal Values

10) Cultural tethers / Limits

Two Bonus Items…

11) Underutilized resources

12) Secret aspirations / Dreams

From Coaching Proficiency #2: Reveals the Client to Themselves
by Coaching Industry Founder Thomas J Leonard.
(c) CoachVille LLC
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In the I Love Coaching Game – August 2011 you will be challenged to have 10 coaching conversations where you reveal one of these 12 things and share about it in the Social Game Platform.  When you do, you will score points in the game!  Finally, you earn tangible rewards for great coaching!

C’mon people! How awesome is that?!

Another winning idea…

The Inner Freedom Method program is especially powerful for creating these type of “revealing” conversations.  Learn more about the Inner Freedom ™ Method program: Liberate the World Within You.