You know, often as coaches we think that our only job is to be interested in the other person but it’s not true.  As Coaches we also have to be INTERESTING in what we say and the ideas that we spark.

Hey Coach,
Coach Dave here.

The September 2011 I Love Coaching Game is all about BOOSTING Your Coaching BRAND!

Together we will explore on of the Full Practice Marketing lessons Thomas and I created: Laser Marketing messages.

A Laser Marketing Message is:dynamic light beaming through the hand symbolizes the active learning model
–Something that you strongly believe to be true of people, life or success.

–An idea about life or success that is a new/fresh way for your potential player to look at themselves, and at you.

–A sentence or two that has the person want to buy coaching services from you.

My favorite example:

–>> I coach self-employed professionals who are working for a lunatic!

Here are two from Thomas:

–>> You can spend your life planning for success or you can arrange for all of the support you need to actually become successful.

–>> There is a higher level of play available to you if you’re willing to make some tweaks in your personal life.

There are more sample Laser Marketing messages. You can find the rest in the September I love Coaching Game Playbook which you can get for free here.

Get in the Game!

The great thing about the I Love Coaching Game is that we go WAY beyond talking ABOUT an idea.  We will practice our messages with each other in small groups on the call. Then you will get points in the social game for trying your new messages out on friends, colleagues and potential clients.  BIG FUN!

This is especially great for folks who tend to wait until they get everything perfect before they venture out to try something new.  In the game, there is not time for perfectionism!

I hope you will join me!

Game On. Let’s Play!