Unleash the Spirit of Play Within Youhands together symbolize playing two win

Play Two Win is amazing! – Coach Dave Buck’s signature method class. Bring the spirit of play to your coaching AND the rest of your life – PLAY EVERYTHING!

Transform their mindset
From: a worker focused on checking tasks off of a to-do list and doing it perfectly;
To:  a player focused on getting results, becoming a great player and loving the game every day.

Learn a powerful nine step coaching method where you guide your player to design a winnable game (the quest), play better and win on their own terms. By tapping into the spirit of play within, they can escape the industrial age perfection trap that makes it nearly impossible to try new things – a trap that has probably had them stuck for years.  You will teach them how to enjoy playing again and play better through game planning, skills practice, inner freedom and designing a winning environment.

  • 12 Week 30-Hour program
  • ICF Accredited for CCEU’s
  • Experience the power of being a “Method-Based” Coach
  • Get Better results and ahve a LOT more FUN. A Winning Combination
  • Includes our “Social Game System” so you gain visibility as you play! AWESOME.

Detailed Program Description is Here

To resister: http://playtwowin.coachville-220824.mystagingwebsite.com