Thank you for always being there! I have been a graduate member since 2000 and even though I would fall off my path thinking that I was ‘supposed’ to be doing something else, whenever I came back to my senses and jumped back in, you are there, your message still strong, your vision still dynamic!
Passion, or the love of what you do, is vital if a person is to live a full and powerful life and I feel this passion in you. I can hear it in your voice.

I am sure that there may be times when you get tired or frustrated but it seems that when, or if, you ever get those feelings, you use it as fuel to keep moving yourself forward!

You have challenged me, taken me out of my comfort zone, made me look deeper at myself then I sometimes wanted to, but I am better for it!

You are creating as powerful a legacy as your dear friend Thomas!
Happy 2012 -this is the year!!!!

Follow your heart,
Michelle Berlin