Hi CoachVille!

CoachVille has inspired me to play BIG!

The idea of playing big – REALLY playing big – is not something with which I was comfortable before starting my classes at CoachVille. However, CoachVille offers a method to help coaches and their players to organize their game and win on their own terms – it quickly exits the realm of “fluffiness” and becomes concrete evidence of growth!  As I learned and grew into who I was as a coach, and a human being, I realized that it’s absolutely silly NOT to play big! What a waste of intellect, talent, emotion, and creativity to just live life at a low bar.

Coach Training at CoachVille has impacted my life

It’s made me more confident. Being able to coach someone at every session helped me develop my skills more than I had ever expected. It has given me a language that I now use in all the positions I play in my bigger game. I loved how the sessions were designed – predictable, yet challenging – great balance! And the people I met through the experience were amazing – friends with several on Facebook and LinkedIn! The encouragement and accountability from my fellow coaches was exactly what I needed, and it was a joy to be able to provide the same for them!

Coach Dave Buck has impacted my life

Dave is an awesome instructor and leader! I believe all things happen for a reason, so when I look at someone like Dave, I believe that he was supposed to be leading CoachVille and instructing the Basics of Coaching course at the time I took the classes. We are all beneficiaries of his wisdom and joy he exudes while coaching and teaching and leading!

The spirit of play has impacted my life.

I look at life differently – or at least try to 🙂 I know me…I’m prone to over-think, over-analyze, deconstruct a situation down to its least effective parts. What the spirit of play has done for me is that I recognize when I’m over-doing something and pull back and look at it without judgment, claiming it, naming it, and moving on much faster. This is big for me. I’m also finding myself helping others play differently in life…and it usually is applied outside of coaching – just people in my life who need that positive perspective.

Blessings in 2012 to you and all the others at CoachVille!

Take care,