Welcome to the Five Fifteens experiment!

Each week I will pick one of the five fifteens a write a blog post with CoachVilles definition and then write from my own perspective about how I view the world from this particular word or phrase, the experiment is to then practice mindfulness with the skill. Use it as a guide or way to view your world, pay close attention to communication, personal connection, relationships and interaction as a whole. When you are mindful do you become more powerful, does your perspective change? What happens when you are walking the talk – not just coaching but living what you do?

What are the Five Fifteens?

They are the bases for both the original Thomas Leonard Coaching System – and all of what we do at CoachVille, They are the language of masterful coaching, but even more so the language of masterful living

The Five Fifteens include: Clarifiers, Frameworks, Style points, Deliverables and Ultimate Outcomes are language patterns that accelerate you from basic coaching skills to a masterful coaching professional they are the core of our Advanced Communication Skills class.

I taught the class a few weeks ago and the discussion was juicy and invigorating. The class connected on a deeper level and wanted to continue the conversation when class ended and the Five Fifteens experiment was born.

Join us each week as I post the theme for our week, together we will share the impact of becoming more aware. Comments and conversation will be integral as we collectively move within the Ultimate Outcomes, Frameworks, Deliverables, Clarifiers and Style Points. Invite your friends and potential clients and players to participate and let them experience the power behind what we all do as coaches!

This week our experiment is mindfulness and attention to Personal Sovereignty.

This is one of the Ultimate Outcomes, and is defined by CoachVille as including independence, choice, control, personal authenticity and integration.

For me Personal Sovereignty speaks of everything that I REALLY am, that deeper truthful self that guides me to walk a path set only for me. My true inner voice, the souls voice. Learning to own that voice and be strong its certainty allows me to live my real purpose in a way that inspires others. It is also a place of challenge as often influence of people, environment, stress, overwhelm, fears and outside forces momentarily speak louder than our souls voice and we stray from our natural path. Finding the way back to authentic self then becomes imperative. In my Personal Sovereignty experiment I want to be mindful in my choices, my responses, reactions and the way I engage with people to be sure I am leading a life based on my souls voice. Also become I want aware of others and try to discern their Personal Sovereignty, recognize when they are moving with true self and when they are off of their true path.

Join me in experimenting with Personal Sovereignty and share on the blog what it means to you, your experiences being with Personal Sovereignty awareness as your guide the week.

In the spirit of play and possibility,

Coach Deanna


The Five Fifteens:

The Ultimate Outcomes

1. Personal legacy.

2. Financial independence.

3. More, or better, opportunities.

4. Design a perfect life.

5. Expand capacity.

6. Fulfilling lifestyle.

7. Business and career success.

8. Relationships.

9. Mastery.

10. Increased performance

11. Vitality.

12. Personal sovereignty.

13. More time.

14. Increased creativity .

15. Stimulating environments.

The Clarifiers

1. Urgent or Important?

2. Addressed or Avoiding?

3. Accurate or Interpretation?

4. Open or Resistant?

5. Internal or External Reference Point?

6. Want or Could/Should/Need?

7. Opportunity or Possibility?

8. Source or Symptom?

9. Opening or Share?

10. Response or Reaction?

11. Create or Eliminate?

12. Problem or Concern?

13. Present or Past?

14. Acceptance or Resistance?

15. Toward or Away From?

The Deliverables

1. Perspective

2. Validation

3. Message

4. Energy

5. Solution

6. Plan

7. Structure

8. Resource

9. Options

10. Caring

11. Training

12. Advice

13. Strategy

14. Feedback

15. Challenge

The Frameworks

1. It’s all solvable, or it’s not.

2. Risk is always reducible.

3. There’s usually a better way.

4. Success is a byproduct.

5. Emotions are our teachers.

6. Delay is increasingly expensive.

7. Inklings are higher intelligence.

8. The answer is somewhere.

9. Self-confidence can be arranged.

10. Memes and genes are evolving at different rates.

11. Work is for joy.

12. Problems are immediate opportunities.

13. People are doing their very, very best, even when they clearly are not.

14. Awareness is unifying.

15. Life is about us, and it’s not personal.

The Style Points

1. Hears what is actually said.

2. Responds cleanly.

3. Takes client’s concerns seriously.

4. Speaks simply.

5. Is light and neutral.

6. Is collaborative.

7. Communicates in full-duplex mode.

8. Fully expresses.

9. Keeps up.

10. Hears between the lines.

11. Uses commonly understood words.

12. Is self-assured.

13. Is client-centric.

14. Is comfortable with problems.

15. Is “with” the client.