Toward or Away From? Our focus for the Five Fifteens experiment this week, an evocative question that brings awareness to whether you or your client is moving toward something they want, or away from something they don’t want.

I am thinking about all the times I have heard, “It won’t happen to me next time! I will…” And then there is a laundry list of things that will prevent what ever happened from not happening again. That moment where challenge, disappointment or unanswered expectations put us into “I’ll show ’em.” mode.

We forget what we really desire, what we would like to have and we move into prevention mode. We attract what we spend the most time contemplating, so if we spend our lives contemplating the thing we don’t want to happen – where do we land?

What does towards or away from mean to you?

In the spirit of play! –
Coach Deanna

Join me each Wednesday and through out the week as I write about another of the Five Fifteens and examine my experience and my life through the perspective of that word or phrase. Experiment with me! Comment on my experience, discuss and engage or add your own voice as you become part of the experiment. It is powerful, thought provoking and keeps you present in the pursuit of human greatness!