Deep connection are an amazing part of the CoachVille experience.

 The connection between students at CoachVille is powerful.  Lifelong friendships and extraordinary strategic alliances are formed. And since CV is a Global School, often your partner is from another part of the world which often inspires travel opportunities!

Coaching each other is every class allows for deeper engagement and even more importantly a meaningful connection with coaches who are walking the same path as you.

The practicing coach becomes a vibrant hub for human connection because they are naturally oriented around adding value to the lives of others. Value-adding people become a gathering place both physically and virtually because we (humans) yearn to connect with others who share our values – people who are different enough to add something to our lives AND alike enough to mirror the part of ourselves we yearn to see.

“Anything worth doing is worth doing with someone else”
- Thomas Leonard. founder of CoachVille, The International Coach Federation, Author of “The Portable Coach”