Real coaching is a movement! Real Coaching is about your player AND you!

Play BIG in the world and become a REAL coach!

It Starts With a Vision:
Everyone, Everywhere with the courage to play BIG in the world has a REAL coach.

Playing BIG is when you bust loose from self- imposed limitations to courageously express your talents and gifts in a way that adds value to the lives of others AND brings joy AND true wealth to yourself.  True wealth is based on what YOU VALUE. It includes financial freedom and also includes knowledge, talent, experience, character, community, spiritual connection, health and of course… LOVE!

Our quest at CoachVille is to create an environment where YOU can play big in the world AND become a great coach.

The act of coaching can be simply defined in two words: Play Better.

To guide your player to play the games of life better and win on their own terms.  Games like:  leadership, athletics, health, business, relationships, spirituality, financial freedom, artistic expression and everything else life has to offer. Any endeavor in life can be designed as a winnable game worth playing and coaches alone are charged with helping people win the game that matters most to them right now.

So YOUR game is to help people Play Better,
OUR game is to help YOU Coach Better.

Reinventing Coaching with the Spirit of Play

The End of an Era

Clearly there is a great deal of turbulence in the world – Economic, Political and Environmental.  All of this is signalling the end of an era: The Industrial Age is coming to an end.  The Industrial Age – and the Industrial Economy – is characterized by the mass production of things.

In the Industrial Age ALL people are seen from two perspectives: Worker and Consumer.

As a worker you have a job and your job is to complete tasks as efficiently as possible; Just get it done, and get it done right.  Leave your personality and the rest of your life at the door.   We were all trained in school and in our jobs to work on everything and to focus on completing tasks and solving problems. The work is not supposed to make you happy – you are just a cog in the wheel of production.

The purpose of Life is to “work for a living” and collect a paycheck. With that money you can buy things! And these THINGS  will make you happy! We were taught to be veracious consumers; that the reward for hard work is the accumulation of things.

To summarize life In the Industrial Economy: go to work! do what you are told, complete your tasks, focus on problems, do it right the first time, work hard, collect your paycheck and consume, consume, consume.  More is better.

The People want to Play

In the Industrial Age PLAY was trivialized; when the work was done, then you could play for entertainment.  Well, people ARE playing in HUGE numbers. The massive proliferation of online social games played in “pretend worlds”- over 400 Million People playing at last count – reveals an extraordinary social trend: people of all ages are YEARNING to play and connect with others through games.

Play With Purpose

Now is the time for a new approach to life.  People are no longer willing to WORK at meaningless jobs just to be able to consume more things.  People still want and need some things but they already have a LOT of cheap stuff. Now what they really want is PURPOSE!

What people everywhere are coming to realize is that REAL LIFE is the best social game ever created!; that REAL life can be PLAYED as a game; that you can Play with Purpose.  Play is NOT trivial!  Play is life-enhancing. And they understand that the industrial mindset of ZERO-Defects and get-it-right-the-first-time is great for making a car but it is a terrible approach to life because it leads to a creativity stifling “perfection trap”.


The Human Spirit of Play is making a comeback!  With the Spirit of Play people are resourceful, resilient, creative, seeking mastery, going with the flow, risk taking and JOYFUL.  When you play, you win some and you lose some.  When you play you make mistakes and its OK;  you learn from them and come back to play the next game.  When you play you feel  connected to the game and all of the other players. Great players love the game, enjoy their team mates AND embrace the juice that comes from healthy competition.

With a coach by their side, people have the courage to PLAY WITH PURPOSE in REAL LIFE;
in their jobs, their businesses, their communities, their families, In EVERY ASPECT of  life.

And when they play well, they get better results than when they “work hard” AND they have more fulfillment and more fun.  That is the winning combination.