The Next CoachVille Semester Starts January 7th 2014

(The next one after that is February 19th 2014)

Our Coach Training program is called the Center for Coaching Mastery.

We bring together two powerful forces in the coaching industry:
1) ICF Accreditation.  While they are quite boring and bureaucratic, the International Coach Federation does a great job of maintaining  and promoting a standard of excellence for coach training and coach certification.  It is REALLY HARD to become accredited as a school and that is actually a good thing!  When you get it, you EARNED IT.  We earned it!

2) Gamification!  Engagement is THE CURRENCY of the new world economy – its THE THING every company, every community, every leader is yearning for.  Gamification is the gateway to engagement because when you transform an activity or purpose into a game worth playing, people naturally engage.

Once people engage in a game, the next natural step is to coach them to play better!

CoachVille is at the leading edge of this global movement.  We are pioneering the concept of REAL LIFE games and bringing the Human Spirit of Play to EVERY aspect of life.

EVERY ONE of our classes is a game that you play.  When you play you have fun, you learn AND you get REAL WORLD results.

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ONE School – Two Purposes

1) Our school is for you if you are aiming to become a professional coach with a coaching business (also sometimes referred to as a “Coaching Practice”.  We will teach you how to be a GREAT Coach and how to win the business game!

2) Our school is also for you if you aim to use the “Coach Approach” to what you are doing in the world.
In other words a coach approach manager, coach approach leader, coach approach entrepreneur, coach approach professional or a coach approach teacher.  Learn more about why the Coach Approach is so vital here.


Now let’s talk about what we mean by “REAL COACHING” – this is important and distinguishes our school from many others.

There is a coaching theory that you will hear about as you explore the world of professional coaching, it is called “pure coaching”.  The basic idea is that coaches never share solutions and only ask questions because “clients” have all  their own solutions.

We call this PURE NONSENSE!

We explain it this way: Let’s say you are trying to do something and you are struggling a little bit.  You are talking to someone who knows how to do it, but they won’t tell you because of some theoretical principle they’ve been taught.  Would you call this person a Coach?
I wouldn’t!

But telling people what to do doesn’t work either!

By now you know that telling people what to do rarely produces positive results.  Most of the time, they don’t do it!
So if you have wisdom to share and you want to guide people in a positive way, what do you do?

Become a REAL Coach

The 21st Century Human is a player NOT a worker!

A real coach is focused on the true purpose of coaching: help your player play better!  A real coach provides the perfect balance of support and challenge.  A real coach provides the right blend of asking provocative questions, intuitive listening, sharing insights, teaching skills, co-creating game plans and whatever else is needed to help the player win on their own terms!

When you get good at it, it really is pure fun!

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