Margie Hamner’s CoachVille Success Story!

Why CoachVille’s Interactive Teleclasses Worked BETTER For Her Than A Weekend Intensive?

Margie Hamner

Margie Hamner


Here, coach Molly Rider interviews Margie Hamner on why CoachVille Teleclasses were the PERFECT fit for her!

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Margie Hamner Success Story Interview

Margie Hamner, primarily an internal coach for a Progressive Waste Water Utilities Company in the Northern Virgina area. The company allows me to do internal coaching for new supervisors.

Great Moments From the Interview:

What is Your #1 Juicy Secret from CoachVille?

Oh Wow! There is so much to share. I think one of the things that is really juicy for me is that I think the CoachVille process and the way you learn through a teleclass is very cutting edge and very new. I was a little skeptical moving into the course, but I have been enjoying them thoroughly.

Primarily, I think the highlight of what I’ve learned in the last few months is really learning and practicing the ICF competencies and really understanding how to demonstrate them in my coaching sessions.

Why did you feel it was important to become ICF certified to coach your companies Supervisors internally?

That’s a great question. As you know I don’t need to be certified as an internal coach but I work for an organization where certifications in general hold a real high value. As the training manager here, we certify professional engineers, operators and electricians, and all kinds of people. So, I believe it builds credibility.

But, it’s not just about the certification because I learning so much more about how to be a better coach.

I’m very curious, how did you get connected with CoachVille? Why CoachVille?

I’ll try to keep it short because it is a little bit of a long journey. But, I had started out with an on-sight program here in the Washington DC area. It was another program where I met on weekends with a cohort group and unfortunately, my husband got sick after the first or second weekend session. So, I had to withdraw myself from the program which was very disappointing.

But, I persevered and did some research on the ICF website and found CoachVille. Then I spoke with Deanna (General Manager at CoachVille) and she helped me create a program that would help me reach my goals.

Why did you choose CoachVille after the local on-sight program?

Because it served my needs and my husbands needs. My husbands illness can be one that is intermittent and random, so I thought I’d find myself in the same situation again if I did another on-sight program. So, I said, “well, why don’t I try one of these online courses.” Which, from my generation wouldn’t have been my first choice.

But, I am pleased to say that CoachVille has far exceeded my expectations. I am learning far more than I had anticipated.

What do you feel is the difference? Why are the Teleclasses through CoachVille successful?

I think it is a combination of things. I think it’s nice because you connect with the folks on the line when you’re on the phone. But, you can also use the awesome website (with the game cards) that CoachVille has. There are questions and activities on the site for you to answer. There are additional materials to read and you’re held accountable for those. You have to write down your ah-ha moments or highlights throughout the week. So it’s not just sitting and listening to people and that’s it. You’re held accountable to know the material and practice the material.

As a training manager that’s important because that is what really cements the learning for people.


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To listen to the Audio, Click Here: Margie Hamner Success Story Interview


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