Crazy Coaching Friday Episode #007:

What is YOUR Big Why?

Did You Know That Coach Dave is Agitated?

And, Quick Question… How HOT Do YOU Like Your Shower?

How HOT Do YOU Like  Your Shower?

How HOT Do YOU Like Your Shower? by Marin

Recorded Live On: Friday April 26th at 1PM EST

Topic: What is YOUR Big Why?

Watch Hosts: Dave Buck, Deanna Stull and Molly Rider
Coach and Converse with Participants: Eduardo Veir, Jenny Axelsson and Che Meriales

#CCF Show Timeline:

00 min Pure Silliness and Crazy Awesome Introductions
08 min Big Question: WHY are YOU Coaching?
18 min Life of Infinite Possibility
20 min Start With Why by Simon Sinek / Dave Agitated
25 min How is Conflict Beautiful
30 min CoachVille’s New Big Why
56 min What Challenges Come Up When You Live/Share Your Why?
01:25min Thomas Leonard’s BIG WHY
01:30 min Highlights from the Episode- How hot do you like your shower?

 Dave: Welcome to Crazy Coaching Friday. Coach Dave Buck here, coming to you today live from NYC where ten million people live in peace and enjoy the benefits of democracy.

We want to show everyone it is Crazy Coaching Friday so on the count of 3 we want to show everyone just how crazy this Friday can be 1…2…3…

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Because in THIS episode you learn WHAT is agitating coach Dave and how the temperature of your shower is vital to really honing in on your Big Why. 😉

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Dave: Alright amazing Production Wizard Molly please introduce our contestants this week.

Molly: Absolutely. Well we have some amazing long-timers here with us today.

Eduardo Vier

Eduardo Vier


First, we have Eduardo who has been with CoachVille since 2004. He just finished teaching coaching proficiencies and right now he is leading the coaching mentor group. We love him for that and Eduardo loves CoachVille for it’s Diversity and he is geographically located on planet Earth and more specifically LA.

Dave: LA! LA! LA!

Molly: Yes. He also loves to do crazy awesome things like go to Groupon and buy very fun activities such as Segway rides or going to see the Gibson Monkeys in LA.


Jenny Axelsson liten

Jenny Axelsson liten


Next we have Jenny. Jenny has been with CoachVille since 2007. She has taken all of our amazing CoachVille classes and she is now taking power of groups again. She loves the community at CoachVille and listening to Thomas Leonard recordings. She is also is from Stockholm Sweden and is currently on Holiday in Spain. In terms of crazy fun things that Jenny like’s to do…she likes ot meet with other coaches and students and with coaching methods.

Dave: That’s really fun! I love that! And also the amazing Coach Jenny is the Mentor Coach for CoachVille Sweden.

Che Meriales

Che Meriales

Molly: I love it! I love it! Well the other thing that is exciting is that we also have Che back with us today. Che is an awesome step up volunteer because we were going to have Marilyn Davidson on with us today but unfortunately her husband is not doing well so we are going to send her lots of love and support. We hope that her husband get’s well soon and that she will be on a future Crazy Coaching Friday call soon.

Dave: Yes, we definitely want to send our love to Marilyn. Marilyn is one of the original CoachVille members and I always joke because Marilyn is a professional coach and she was born in like the Taft administration. So she’s been around the planet for a few years and she is just an amazing coach. It will be awesome to have her.

Deanna: Marilyn, actually, is so early in CoachVille history that she actually took classes with Thomas Leonard before he started any kind of formal coaching program. It was back when he was doing environmental design in his financial planning business.

Dave: Yes. We can’t wait to get her on and thank you Che for being an amazing emergency player. It is always great to have you.

Che: No problem. It’s my pleasure.

Molly: And just for anyone who hasn’t witnessed the amazing coach Che on our Crazy Coaching Friday program she has only been apart of CoachVille since January 2013. She recently took Step Up and Stand Out and she is currently taking Inner Freedom. She loves the play approach from CoachVille. She is living in Montreal and her crazy fun things to do include eating food and ballroom dancing.

Dave: Alright. Thank you amazing coach Molly. Are there any other production information we need to talk about today?

Molly: Just for viewers to be aware that they can join into the conversation by commenting on our Crazy Coaching Friday webpage: or under the CCF post on our Fanpage:

Periodically I like to call timeouts and share viewers comments. So give me a reason to call timeouts please!

Dave: Yes. Give her a reason people!

Deanna: If you’re watching and you want to be a guest, you can call me. My number is right here: 610-702-2299. We would love to have you as a guest.

Dave: Yes. And later Molly will share what our contestants have a chance to WIN on Crazy Coaching Friday.

Molly: Just a little thing called…(personal) Inner Freedom.


The Big Question

Dave: Today we are talking about a BIG question and it’s something that everyone needs to answer if you want to engage people. What we’re all bout here at CoachVille now is talking about engagement.

How do we engage people?

There’s a LOT involved in engaging people. By engaging people we mean that they’re connecting with you, they’re participating with you and more.

But, the most fundamental question that you need to answer in order to engage people is… WHY? People buy WHY.

So the big question today is: Why Are YOU Coaching?

As coaches, we need to be able to have a powerful why that organizes people to want to be in the company of a coach.


If you would like to share with us why YOU are coaching, whether you are a professional coach, an entrepreneur coaching your team, a manager coaching your team or a change agent coaching in your community…from wherever you are coaching… If you want to share with us why you are coaching, please do so in the comments section below and we will share your comment on the NEXT Crazy Coaching Friday Episode.


Deanna: I’m a storyteller. Before even I knew about coaching, I would tell stories about my life and all my crazy adventures and people would have these responses like “Oh, things just happen to you. It’s like you have a magic wand.”

It bothered me. I wondered, “Why are these people saying this? They can do all of the things I’m doing. There is nothing special about me per-say. I am just making different choices. So why am I making different choices and they are not?”

My big WHY is because I want people to know they can do whatever they want and there are lots of people who think they can’t. It’s my desire to change that.

Dave: Thank you Deanna. That’s awesome. Jenny how about you? What’s your why?

Jenny: Oh my gosh! Yeah. You know I’ve been thinking about this all day. You know, I have several. One, I’m good at coaching. I feel like it is a little bit cheesy to say, “Oh I love to watch people grow.” But of course, I love to see that too.

Honestly, I’m quite good at what I do and I feel exhilarated by doing it and I enjoy it. So that’s a bunch of ego stuff there.

Dave: That’s okay. We like ego.

Jenny: I’m trying to be honest here.

Dave: Honesty is good.

…Molly, how about you. Why are you coaching?

Molly: Well very similar to Jenny, Coaching is fun and you have your time freedom and all of the aspects of being a coach. But the why that I hold in terms of the clients I hope to attract and the community I hope to create is similar to the energy of Crazy Coaching Friday. I just love people have energy and want to take action and play bigger.

I got really frustrated in the JOB world where I was surrounded by a bunch of people who just wanted to complain all the time. Instead of making changes or doing the big things that they wanted to have done, they just preferred to complain about the management or feel like they couldn’t make change.

I was always like, “No, but we can make this happen.”

Dave: “We can rise up! We can do this!”

Molly: I love coaching people who are ready to recognize that they can do it, and find the ways that work, and have the energy, and are excited. So that’s the WHY behind what I do.

Dave: Nice. Eduardo, what about you?

Eduardo: I have a few whys, too. The main one I think is that I created and then coaching came. I designed my life in a way that I realized I wanted to change careers, like all of us probably, and then the profession (of coaching) came. It was like, oh, that’s coaching. That’s what I want.

The BIG WHY is that coaching allows me to be who I am. Not a lot of professions do that. In coaching I feel that I am able to be myself and actually, (to be successful) it is required of me to be myself. To be a good coach, you know?

Dave: Yes. That’s a good point.

Eduardo: I love it and I can do it from my coach. I can do it from anywhere, any place. Right now this is who I am. As I continue evolving, I may become something else. I don’t know. Coaching is what fits me, right now.

Dave: Thanks Eduardo. That’s awesome, too. Che, how about you? Why are you coaching?

Che: Having just come out of step up and stand out, this ball started rolling for me a month ago. It really made me question, why coaching?

I can relate to a little of what everyone has just said.

Coaching for me just happens to be where my values, my skills and my interests all merged.

It’s also just this deep desire to have my life amount to something. If you try to tell someone what to do, you may or may not connect with them. But, if you tell a story they can pull something out of it that is of value to them. They can find something in it.

There is a story to my life and I’m hoping that someone out there will pull something out of it.

Dave: There’s a theme if you listen to these amazing humans sharing…as coaches we are for people living life on their own terms, living a fully expressed, fully determined, fully created LIFE.

We then become the instigators and the agitators for others to choose a self determined life of pure possibility.

Why we coach? We coach for a life of pure possibility for ourselves and for everyone we touch.

Start With Why by Simon SinekDave: I want to give a shout out to Simon Sinek, Start With Why. If you haven’t read it, if you are a coach or anyone who takes purposeful action, this is definitely the book to read. And, also watch his TED video. It’s extraordinary.

Start With Why is agitating me right now. It really, really is agitating me and I’ve been thinking so much about when we started CoachVille what was our WHY? And, trying to get re-oriented around that why. Or, maybe trying to redefine a new why for this new emergent CoachVille that we are co-creating.

We’ve been talking about this phrase, “Champions of Humanity Flourishing” and this is how I see coaches in the world. This is how I see CoachVille in the world. We are the champions of humanity flourishing.

Dave: For everyone watching, our point now at CoachVille is that this amazing life of being a coach should not be the exclusive property of professional coaches. If you’re an entrepreneur with a team and if you start coaching your team, your business can experience this same kind of massive growth.

If you’re a manager or a leader and you are coaching your team and co-creating with them rather than controlling or commanding in the traditional management style, you (your organization) can experience this same amazing growth. Which, this is something you truly MUST do if you want to be the leader of an enterprise.

This means we want all the leaders, managers, and bosses of the world to become great coaches.

Deanna: I would like to add to that list that you just said with teachers, but also the reality is that if every parent had coaching skills we would be changing the world in a really dramatic way.


Molly: What I thought was interesting about what you said about Thomas Leonard’s idea that everyone is a coach is that in the entrepreneurial world today everyone believe that THEYARE a coach and now it’s CoachVille’s role to take that next step to say, everyone is a coach and you want to be the person that coaches well.

Dave: So, everyone is a coach and if you want to be great, come hangout with us.

Deanna: Okay I need to do a plug here. We have a class starting on Monday with Lance Secretan and one of the things we talk about in that class is your big why.

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