Inner Freedom Coaching:

Stop Being a Chameleon

and Step into Bold Self Expression

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Crazy Coaching Friday Episode #008 Highlight!

Crazy Coaching Friday: Dave Buck, Deanna Stull, Molly Rider

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Stop Being a Chameleon and Step into Bold Self Expression
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Start at 57 Minutes in…Dave: Alright, Megan! Let’s talk about terrifying bold self-expression with no chameleon.

Megan Hoernke

Megan Hoernke

Jump Back to 37 minutes in… Megan: Well I am a retired chameleon. I have been very skillful at being a silent facilitator to my three children who are now all at University. For me the challenge is being authentic me. The unvarnished version, which is equally inspiring and terrifying

Flash Forward to 57:33… Megan: I think the chameleon skin is in the closet now, so it’s time to donate it or perhaps have some kind of ceremonial burning of it.

Dave: Okay so let’s look at a couple of things. The idea of making a transformational shift is about evolution. So in order to evolve, it’s about embracing what is and then adding what’s next instead of taking it away.

I always say, don’t throw away your past patterns. You don’t need to get rid of them. Rather, that past pattern is a skill and it has it’s value. So your reptilian skin may have use in the future there, so let’s just keep it in the closet.

Megan: Absolutely.

Dave: I have a couple of thoughts but the big inkling question I have for you right now is, “what is the most special part of you that you are most afraid of sharing?”

Megan: You know, it’s actually stepping into the light with everything. The fact is that there is value in everything I’ve done and…. now there are so many people that I can empathize with and that I can help to move forward….

Dave: …What’s the “in front of the scenes” skill that you want to emphasize?

Megan: It’s taking center stage, I guess.

Dave: Indeed. Alright so let’s do this, let’s try a little inner freedom. Are you in a safe place where you can close your eyes?

Megan: I am.

Dave: Awesome. So while you have your eyes closed, I just want  you to imagine yourself sharing, being center stage and being fully on you with everyone watching. And as you see yourself in that place, I want to scan your body for physical sensations. What do you notice?

Megan: Well first of all, I feel a little nauseous. I feel it right there in the solar plexus. Right in the gut.

Dave: That’s really good. Good body awareness. I like that. So which place do you feel it most?

Megan: Oh, my gut.

Dave: Your gut. Alright. So I want you just to remember judgment free awareness and we’ll just be curious about whatever comes up and play with it. So what I want you to do right now is feel this physical sensation and not try to get it to go away, but just embrace and allow it to be there for 30 seconds.

…So what was that experience like?

Megan: It’s softens and becomes more of a wave. …And emotions of having big energy as a kid and being in a family where we were quiet and followed the rules and that’s what you do. So I know that was a bit much

Dave: This is really good. For folks watching, this is what we call a memory pop…

This is a beautiful thing where when you were young your big energy was a challenge for the people around you.

Megan: Yes.

Dave: So you learned to keep the big energy contained. You learned it. So there are a few important things to do. The first is to just embrace the value of learning to contain your energy and how it served you well.

Megan: It absolutely did… because I became more mindful of myself and more adept at communication skills. I could channel it into acting class.

Dave: And you mentioned earlier that one of your skills is that you’ve mastered and enjoy is your ability to communicate cleanly and take big ideas and make them simple and clear for others. …That skill is valuable for you.

That’s big.

So then, the next piece that we want to look at is, “what is the possibility of being big with your energy now that you are no longer a little girl with people telling you to be quiet?”

Megan: …I just hearing in my head, “This little light of mine, I’m going to let it shine.”

Dave: Yeah people. Let it shine.


This little light of mine, I’m going to let it shine.

This little light of mine, I’m going to let it shine.

Dave: I’m with you on that… So let’s think of an example of an opportunity in the near future where you can be the big energy in the world.

Megan: I have a background in applied educational kinesiology, so I talk about leadership and I talk about movement and I talk about managing yourself. I do a talk about how to have fun and be more productive because they are not mutually exclusive. And, I was speaking to this woman on Tuesday and she suddenly she was interested in gathering people in Toronto to hear me speak.

Wow. So now my job is to follow up on that and I did send an follow up note and I got one back today saying “Super. I look forward to chatting with you about your talk.”

Dave: This is really awesome! This is fantastic. Okay so, let’s just play this little inner freedom session out to it’s next step and I want you to close your eyes and imagine that you’re on stage with big energy. You are the big energy Megan. Just put yourself there and feel that moment.

Nice. So tell me what was that experience like?

Megan: That just felt pretty awesome.

Dave: Awesome. Well done.

What came up for you as you listened to this inner freedom session? 

Have you ever been told to turn down your energy?

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