Learn the Coach Approach

The 21st Century human is a player NOT a worker.

The Industrial Age of Work is over and the Connected Age of Purpose is blossoming before us.  Engagement – not management – is the driver of the new economy.

If you want to be a positive influence in the lives of others, you can not simply tell them what to do and then manage for compliance. 

To be a positive influence in the lives of others as a leader, entrepreneur, manager, teacher or professional, you MUST create a winnable game for people to play, engage with them to play it and then coach them to play better.

This is called the “Coach Approach” and it is WAY more challenging than telling people what to do, but 100 times more gratifying AND more effective too.

AND… if you are playing on the Humanity Flourishing team, the Coach Approach is the ONLY WAY!

If you want to be a positive influence in the lives of people in your company, community, clinic or  classroom you must learn and master the “coach approach”.

People will not do what you tell them to do just because you tell them to do it.
“Dumbing down” activities to a task list is no longer the pathway to success.

However, if you coach them, they will play a great game and pursue human greatness for the benefit of themselves,  the community and YOU.
And the results will far exceed anything you could have TOLD them to do.

Who uses the coach approach?

Doctors must coach their patients
Manager must coach their employees
Teachers must coach their students
Entrepreneurs must coach their team members, vendors and customers
Professionals – eg. lawyers, financial planners –  must coach their clients and team
All Health care provider must coach their patients…

To fulfill your purpose with the people you intend to serve, you MUST learn how to Coach  EVERYONE around you in a winnable game worth playing.

The Coach Approach is challenging because it requires – demands might be a more accurate word – YOU, the Coach to be more personal, more present, more engaged, more REAL

Oh wait! This is not a bad thing.  This is the gateway to you fulfilling the original promise of why you  wanted to be a leader, entrepreneur, financial planner, teacher or health care professional in the first place!

BEING a great coach is the answer to the frequently frustrating thought: “this isn’t quite what I  thought it would be”.
Being a great coach is the pathway to the difference you’ve always wanted to make in the lives of others by doing what you love to do.

Perhaps the next piece of good news is that becoming a great coach is not something you do in a weekend workshop!
NO! It is a game you must play every day with dedication in pursuit of mastery.
NOW is the time you MUST play this game.

Oh by the way…  It’s REALLY FUN!
super rewarding and it will light up your life like nothing else can.

Our game is to help you become a GREAT coach and fulfill your purpose in this world!


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