The Hidden Meaning Behind Naps And Success…

Coach Molly Interviews Coach Che and her successful client, Hair Stylist and Makeup Artist, Isabelle Faure

Che Meriales

Che Meriales

Isabella Faure

Isabella Faure


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Great Moments From the Interview:

Question: Che, why did you choose to join CoachVille in January 2013?

I decided upon CoachVille for a few reasons.

First, I found out that this was Thomas Leonard’s love child. Thomas being like the Godfather of life coaching. So, I realized that this had to mean something about this school.

The second reason was the word PLAY was everywhere on the website. It’s integrated in the belief system at CoachVille and I thought that was awesome. I figured if I am going to do this I want to have fun doing it.  I was really drawn to the idea of play

The third reason was in speaking to Deanna Stull, the General Manager and one of the Instructors. She was very responsive and didn’t try to sell me. I really felt like she was concerned with what I needed and what I was looking for in a school. The integrity that she displayed in speaking to me in that way really drew me to the school. I thought, “If she’s a representative of the people at CoachVille, then I’m down with that!”

Molly: That’s awesome Che! We love Deanna!

Question: So since you’ve taken a few courses at CoachVille, what have you utilized from CoachVille in your own coaching and how do you feel like it’s helped you to be a more successful life coach?


I think I came into coaching with some natural skills because I had real passionate desire to be a coach.

But, what CoachVille really gave me was a methodology and the ability to understand how BEST to use my skills. How best to hone my skills.

I’m in the full certification program and I think there’s three levels / methods and I’m into the second level and almost instantly you see a progression of how quickly you can get results.

So, I’ve always been able to coach someone to get results but it was more long winded and not as efficient.


I can testify to the fact that Che is so fast. Like she’ll help me realize roadblocks in 5 minutes. It’s crazy. A little almost superpower-ish.

Molly: Be prepared to go deep quickly.

Che: Yes! And that is definitely a skill that is inherent in the CoachVille methods. 

Molly Question: Yes. So, I’m curious. When you started using this methodology in coaching Isabelle, what happened? How did that work? How was it a successful approach?

Che: Okay. Well, Isabelle, you can always correct me here if I’m wrong. But, my favorite methodology from CoachVille so far has been the Inner Freedom method and the Inner Freedom method really goes to the root of why we encounter blocks. It is great at massaging the blocks out…not fixing them but massage them out.

For Isabelle, her big game, if I may share it, is career. She’s done great work including work with celebrities but she really wants to get signed up with a big agency. You know, Isabelle is a smart cookie. She knows what she needs to do to get there and together we plan it out, but mostly, I don’t touch the planning piece.

I like to get into the inside work because it’s the inside work that’s the hard stuff. Knowing what you have to do but doing it and being with her while she does it is the most value I can bring Isabelle.

Isabelle: That’s the thing that has really most shocked me about this….how much my productivity has sky rocketed. I already knew what I needed to do the question was, “Am I going to do it or am I going to take a nap?”

Molly: It’s so true in that what’s really cool about the Inner Freedom method and what Coach Che is talking about in general is that it helps you get to the underlying reasons for why you want to take a nap. Instead of holding them “accountable” and pushing them not to take a nap. It’s really about looking at what taking a nap really means. What does it represent? Uncovering that can have huge lasting affects.

Isabelle: Yeah. Amazing.

Molly: So I’m curious, Isabelle. How long have you been coaching with Coach Che?

Isabelle – 4 months. Yeah we have sessions once a week and we’ve set up games around my career and my wedding. I’m getting married in October. It’s helping with the planning early so the day is just fun instead of a stress bomb.

Molly – Nice. Making wedding planning a game. I love that. So, in terms of your business game what kind of results have you seen since working with coach Che?

Isabelle: I’m making more money because I’m working more…fewer naps. I was doing hair much longer than I’ve been doing make-up so I was being insure about doing make-up. I kept thinking, “Ah, people are going to know I suck at it. I think it’s time to take a nap.”

Che: Taking a nap is Isabelle’s favorite certainty activity. (inside the comfort zone)        

Isabelle: She’s been helping me find opportunities for make-up and play with it and really see it as an opportunity for learning as apposed to failure. And, surprise, I’m not as terrible at it as I feared. My clients are happy and I’m getting more results and more bookings.

Molly: I love that. Congratulations! That’s awesome. I love how Coach Che brought in the spirit of play and the reminder that it is an experiment.  …

Che: Here’s the thing. As Isabelle starts to enjoy the process (play with it) then life and work isn’t such a burden. You see it with Isabelle because she is enjoying the process so much more and as she enjoys it she brings that joy unto others. People are so much more generous than we bother to notice. When you see it in people it’s inspiring.

Molly: Alright. Isabelle I’m coming back to you. What do you like most about Coach Che and her Coaching style?

Isabelle:  She’s so easy to talk to. It’s just a breeze. I feel like I’m having a conversation with a friend. It’s not like your at the gym with a trainer and they’re yelling at you and you’re thinking “I know this is good for me, but I hate it.”

We laugh all the time and while we’re laughing and having this awesome time she’ll say, “Have you ever thought about it this way or why you do that?” And I’ll be like, “Oh My God!”

She’s so fast. I know I mentioned that before, but she asks the right questions to really make me recognize patterns that are both good and bad. It’s really helped me zone in on my strengths and my possibilities for learning.

Molly: Wow. How awesome….

QUESTION: Coach Che, I’m going to come back to you. I would love to know how your style as a coach has been influenced by CoachVille?

Coach Che: I don’t know how it hasn’t been. In every way.  Isabelle is using the words play and game, that’s purely CoachVille.

People have this perception that a game is not this serious thing. Games can be very serious.  Look at the Olympics. Don’t tell me that those athletes don’t take play seriously.

So in terms of CoachVille the play method gave me an outline to utilize and then going into inner freedom it really sort of started to flush it out for me. It’s the first time that I’ve encourtered a method that allowed me to experience it (the hardness) instead of “just do it.” “Find a way.”

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