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Time AT… Coaching Topic
01 min Introductions
08 min Topic Shares: Entering New Territories – What are some of the new territories that YOU have entered and that you’re coaching your clients through? (Check out all 12 Territories below)
34 min GAME TIME: Guess That Environment
45 min Patricia gets coached through the new territory process by Coach Dave
75 min Coaching Tips from Coach Dave Buck & The Team
87 min Coaching Highlights – What’s the difference between a football coach and a life or business coach?


Show Panelists:

Cheryl Hight

Cheryl Hight

I am a mother of 8 children (all single births :)) step mother to 4, grandmother to 21 grandchildren. A well deserved empty nester, enjoying the vitality that my life brings now.
I am a PCC Results Coach who coaches individuals that want to improve their life, to gain back some of their lost energy with an awareness and emphasis to their nutritional needs using recipes and improving their overall environment.
You can email me at or visit my website

Mary O'Gara

Mary O’Gara

I’m a happy ageless crone/elder, a poet and short story writer shaped by my spiritual path and studies of creativity.I’m a life coach—and most of my players/clients are writers or spiritual healers. (Thanks, Dave, for pointing out that all coaching is ultimately life coaching.)http://www.maryogara.commaryo@maryogara.com505-872-4990
Trisha RödSvart Hi I’m Patricia Carswell, called Trisha by my friends, and I live in Solna, Stockholm, Sweden. I’ve 30 year’s experience as a manager & project manager. Been a management consultant since 2000 and a coach since 2005 (certified ICF ACC coach 2009). Additionally, I have extensive personal and professional experience of living and working in different countries, industries, and cultural environments.
As a manager I wish that I had learned about coaching much earlier, it would have made the experience so much more fun and rewarding.My focus as a coach is on personal leadership and leadership as a manager and co-worker. My way of doing this is through one-on-one coaching, group coaching, workshops with companies and organizations and speaking engagements.
+46 70 412 76 05
Skype: patriciacarswell