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Time AT… Coaching Topic
01 min New Format Introduction
02:30 min TWO CoachVille Success Stories
05 min Introduction of Player, Expert Commentator and YOUR Comments
09 min How To Coach A New Service Business Owner – Coach Dave coaches Player Stacy
29 min Expert Commentators, Coach Deanna and Coach Che Weigh In
36 min
The Importance of Coaching Metaphors and HOW to Use Them!
52 min Final Thoughts From Our Expert Commentators
56:30 min Coach Molly’s GAME: What Company is that Advertisement From?

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Show Player & Expert Commentators:

Stacy Hemeyer

Stacy Hemeyer
Today’s Player 10/11/2013

Get excited about your life!The thing Stacy loves most about her life coaching practice is the opportunity it gives her to help people live more fully and get excited about their lives.Stacy was born and raised in San Diego but has lived in Arizona for the past 13 years. She now lives in Mesa with her husband of 23 years and their 3 teenage sons. She loves to cook and bake and enjoys traveling with her family.My email is stacy3az@hotmail.comMy number is 480 888 6100

Che Meriales, coach commentator

Expert Coach Commentator

Coach Che is the founder of We Love Heroes, a charitable organization dedicated to supporting one social Hero and Cause at a time, and Challenge: Accepted, a social enterprise dedicated to Coaching with Leaders to create that shift from disengaged to engaged participation on all levels. 50% of the profits from Challenge: Accepted go directly to We Love Heroes, and the other 50% is reinvested to expand our social enterprise and mission. For more information, please visit www.WeLoveHeroes.com or email Che directly at coach@chemeriales.com

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