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CoachVille’s LIVE Business Coaching Show Episode #023

No more coaching behind closed doors. Find out what REAL coaching looks like

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01 min WHY No More Coaching Behind Closed Doors
02:30 min Introduction of Player, Expert Commentator YOUR Comments
06:15 min Comments From Our Amazing Fans
07:50 min Past Player SUCCESSES – Raul & Stacy! (Episodes #21 & #22)
10 min Coach Dave Coaches Player Marita – Watch How To Start a Coaching Session
15:30 min
How To Design A 6 Figure Environment?
22 min  Expert Commentator Trisha Expounding On The Brilliance of Asking For Help!
54:30 min 1 Action To Take To Start Designing YOUR 6 Figure Environment!
55:30 min SUPER FUN GAME! What Company is THAT Advertisement From?



Share below…What are your big Ah-Ha’s about designing your own 6 figure environment?

What are you going to put into action this week?

Show Player & Expert Commentators:

Marita Steffe

Marita Steffe
This Week’s Player 10/18/2013

I am 58 years old, originally from Germany and live in Bolinas California
My passion is coaching and I specialize in empowerment coaching for women.

Trisha Carswell

Trisha Carswell
Expert Coach Commentator

Hi I’m Patricia Carswell, called Trisha by my friends, and I live in Solna, Stockholm, Sweden.I’ve 30 year’s experience as a manager & project manager. Been a management consultant since 2000 and a coach since 2005 (certified ICF ACC coach 2009). Additionally, I have extensive personal and professional experience of living and working in different countries, industries, and cultural environments.As a manager I wish that I had learned about coaching much earlier, it would have made the experience so much more fun and rewarding.My focus as a coach is on personal leadership and leadership as a manager and co-worker. My way of doing this is through one-on-one coaching, group coaching, workshops with companies and organizations and speaking engagements.
+46 70 412 76 05
Skype: patriciacarswell

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