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How To Promote Your Business Game 10

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CoachVille’s LIVE Business Coaching Show Episode #025

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  1. Would you like to STOP STRESSING over money?
  2. Do your clients want to attract more cash flow?

If you answered YES to either of the questions above, then you don’t want to miss this episode.

Coach Dave Buck coaches player, Eric Goldman, on how to STOP stressing over money and how to enjoy the play and abundance of CoachVille’s Play Two Win method!

Watch this LIVE Business Coaching Show to learn ideas to try YOURSELF and coaching questions to ask your clients.

EVEN BETTER…Leave a comment and tell us what questions you have about how to stop stressing over money! We may just answer them on our NEXT show.

Time AT… Coaching Topic
00 min Introduction of Show & Players
03:43 min Comments From YOU
5:58 min It’s Coaching Time People!: How To Stop Stressing Over Money Coach Dave coaches player Eric Goldman
26:30 min Expert Coaching Commentators, Deanna and Tana Weigh In
31:47 min Eric’s GET BOLD List! How To Stop Stressing Over Money Coach Dave Continues to Coach player Eric Goldman
57:25 min
Expert Coach Commentators, Dawn and Tana – Final Thoughts
1:01:44 min SUPER FUN GAME! What Company is THAT Advertisement For?
1:05:05 min Preview of Next Week’s Show: How To STOP Worrying Over $$: An Entrepreneur’s Dilemma

Share Your Comment below…

Let Eric know that he is not alone in this!

  • Do you find it hard to enjoy the play and fun of Entrepreneurship when you are stressed about money?
  • On a scale of 1-10 (10 being amazing) how would you rank your ability to manifest abundance and play?
  • When it comes to money would you classify yourself as:
    • An avoider? (stick your head in the sand)
    • A monk? (give it all away)
    • A Saver? (hoard your money)
    • A Spender? (love a deal)
  • How does your money type help you create abundance and how does it hinder you?
  • What would an extra $1000 a month do for you?


Show Player & Expert Commentators:

Eric Goldman

Today’s Player

Eric is a NYC-based entertainment lawyer, mediator and coach with an international practice specializing in theater matters. He is also a single father to his 10 year old daughter Rosa, their dog Marlon and their cat Garcia. Everything Eric knows about life, he learned from Star Trek.

Tana Gaudi

Tana Gaudi | Expert Coach Commentator

Life coaching and simple living strategies to design the life you want!Tana is an environmental design coach and energy healer. She enjoys helping others discover their purpose and passion while creating a simpler, more streamlined lifestyle that truly honors and reflects their values and life’s mission.Website: http://www.simplelifesynergy.com/
Email: tanagaudi@gmail.com
Phone: 310-658-2925


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How To Promote Your Business Game 10

SUPER FUN GAME! What Company is THAT Advertisement For? (Click Here To Play)