Who We Serve…
Leaders using the Coach Approach!

When we started CoachVille back in 2000, it was a global community for Coaches; mostly that meant people who were, or CVSB-CoachApproachLeadersCircle265-pngwanted to be, a professional Coach.

Over the last few years, however, we have been FLOODED with new members who we call: “Leaders Who Coach”.  Meaning, they are using coaching as a vital skill set for success with others.


So we have expanded our Tribe to include…

Conscious Entrepreneurs with an ENGAGED Enterprise,
Visionary Leaders with an ENGAGED Organization
Motivated Managers with ENGAGED Team Members
Energized Change-Agents with ENGAGED Advocates
Enthusiastic Artists/Athletes with ENGAGED Fans.
Inspired Teachers with ENGAGED Students
Health Practitioners with ENGAGED Patients
Creative Authors/Speakers with an ENGAGED Audience

AND anyone with an INTENSE DESIRE to…

Be a force in the world for Good, Truth, Beauty* and TRANSFORMATION

Lot’s of amazing humans!

Notice the repetition of the word ENGAGED?

Here’s why…

Coaching is the skill set of purposeful ENGAGEMENT!
And Engagement is the driving force of the new economy.

The 20th Century was all about Command and Control Management.

The 21st Century is all about Coach Approach Leadership.

It’s powerful AND fun.

And if you LOVE the coaching part of what you do and one day decide you want to become a professional coach… you will be ready to jump right into a rewarding new career.

Let’s Get Engaged!