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CoachVille’s LIVE Coach Approach Show Episode #033

No more coaching behind closed doors. Find out what REAL coaching looks like…

Ryan Lock

PR Expert Ryan Lock

CoachVille does Coach Training like no one else!

Special Guest: PR and Marketing Specialist, Ryan James Lock

6 minutes in Ryan Shares 3 Powerful Article Titles You Can Use To Get Published In the Media

Player: Luke Gordan

Luke’s BIG Take Away:

“This session has brought me a lot of clarity. Just talking it out brought some definition to this that I really didn’t have before. I appreciate it so much.”


This Week’s Topic: How To Package ALL Your Skills and Improve Your Brand?

In this episode, you will learn how to package your skills and improve your brand! Watch this LIVE Business Coaching Show to learn ideas to try YOURSELF and coaching questions to ask your clients.

After watching, leave a comment: We want to hear from you! What aspect of your branding has been a struggle for you? Share below…



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