5 Reasons Why Getting Marketing Support Will Always Be Key To SuccessMarketing-Together-We-Can


5.  It’s All About Relationships.

Marketing isn’t just about selling to an audience. Getting clients may be the end result we’re looking for but at the heart of marketing and PR is to make connections and build relationships.  Even though, the world has become quite digital, people are still looking for that personal connection and bond. They want to see testimonials and endorsements by other brands. They want real people telling them about that amazing coach they should sign up with.

Most often, we are too close to what we do to connect with the general public in a way that they can understand. We need the support of someone in the marketing world to help us craft our message because clarity and confidence is what people seek.

4.  Confidence In Your Message –

Would your clients describe themselves in the same way that you describe them? For example, if you help people with mild addictions such as shopping addictions or sugar addictions, would your audience say, “I have a mild addiction, I need to hire a coach.”  Probably not!

Having a marketing or PR specialist help you arrive at that perfect blend of professionalism, desire and coolness, is key to reaching the most people with your message and helping the most clients.

3. Making Improvements –

Marketing yourself well leads to a large audience and many clients, all of whom LOVE you! Thus they are eager to share which tips and methods really worked for them, from your coaching and supplemental materials.

This is POWERFUL information. A marketing or PR specialist would be able to help you pull out your best tips or your unique method and create an additional product or a group training program.

2.  How To Market Changes

While your marketing message is consistent (or grows as you grow), HOW to market your message is constantly changing! Marketing a Public Relations experts know the best channels for getting you in front of your target audience and what to do to create the most impact.

Your time and energy are precious, when you waste it on fruitless marketing endeavors it can leave you drained and doubting yourself. Don’t miss out on getting the support you deserve so that you can continuously function at the top of your game.

1. The Art of Being Smooth, Not Brash!

Often a coaches biggest fear about marketing themselves is, “I don’t want to be obnoxious. I don’t want to get in people’s faces.

And, this is a legit concern when you’re advertising. But,the key is to Not confuse marketing with advertising. Advertising is in your face. Connecting with a marketing specialist who knows where it is best for YOU to be sharing your message and how to have the biggest impact, is masterful. Marketing your gifts with a specialist is about giving value and achieving life-long customers. A Marketing specialist can show you the art of being smooth, powerful and most impactful.



This said, we want to give you a chance to pick the brain of marketing and PR expert, Ryan James Lock.

Ryan Lock

PR Expert Ryan Lock

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