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CoachVille’s LIVE Coach Approach Show Episode #037

are your friend referring you

Are Your Friends Referring YOU?

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Player: Susan Cleaver

Susan’s BIG Take Away:

“I really resonated with the suggestion of branding myself as the ‘awaken to a great life’ coach and I love the idea of combining my Reiki and coaching so that Reiki becomes a part of my coaching process.

Likewise, the idea of reaching out to the 7 most influential people in my circle of friends to help me step into my ability to be influential, is brilliant. Thank you.”


This Week’s Topic: How To ask for referrals from colleagues, clients, friends, and family?

In this episode, you will learn how to get referrals! Watch this LIVE Business Coaching Show to learn ideas to try YOURSELF and coaching questions to ask your clients.

After watching, leave a comment: We want to hear from you! Do you have people in mind to reach out to? Share below…



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