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Weeks of May 19 – June 27 2014



Coaching With Dave Buck, MCC, MBA

Business is fun again!
Transformational Business Accelerator Coaching Program for Conscious Business Leaders. (Especially Coaches!)

Raise your profile, build a business model that is perfect for you, create results with your customers… THRIVE!

2:30PM – 3:45PM Business Launch Accelerator Group
4:00PM – 5:15PM 6-Figure Accelerator Group

Coaching Programs are open ended so you can jump in any time!

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Dates & Topics

May 19: Conversations for Possibility + The Game!
June 2: Essential Business Activities Require Personal Growth
June 9: Playing the Linked In game
June 16: Network Update Letters



Play Two Win Method

Learn the powerful nine step coaching method where you unleash the human spirit of play by guiding your player to design a winnable game, play better and win on their own terms.

2PM – 4:00PM with Coach Rick Reddington, CVPCC
8PM – 10:00PM with Coach Ryan Decoste, ACC

Next Play Two Win:
2014-07-07 2PM ET (Summer Intensive)
2014-09-23 2PM ET & 8PM ET
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Dates & Topics

May 20: Game Plan & Play to Strengths
May 27: Practice Skills & the Power of Role Play
June 3: Expand the comfort zone with Inner Freedom
June 10: Design Environments with World Power
June 17: Pursuit of Outcomes vs. Pursuit of Mastery
June 24: Pursuit of Human Greatness



Inner Freedom Method

Learn a powerful 9-step process where you identify unconscious patterns that cause FEAR and transform them into a powerful source of energy.

2PM – 4:00PM with Coach Dave Buck, MCC
8PM – 10:00PM with Coach Trudy Ames, PCC

Next Inner Freedom:
2014-09-23 2PM ET & 8PM ET
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Dates & Topics

May 20: Memory Pops
May 27: The Social Animal
June 3: Create New Pattern Language
June 10: Seeing Perfection = Self Worth
June 17: Critical Moments of Choice
June 24: Becoming Precedes Results



World Power Method

Learn a powerful 9-step process where you redesign the 9 Environments of You™ into a personal success academy for your player.

2PM – 4:00PM with Coach Deanna Stull, PCC

Next World Power:
2014-09-23 2PM ET & 8PM ET
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Dates & Topics

May 20: Going Deeper into Environments
May 27: Your Unconscious Mind is Programed by Metaphors
June 3: Using Pattern Language to Design Environments
June 10: The Power of Conscious Replication
June 17: Toleration Free Zone
June 24: The World Power Method Complete Review


BasicCoachingTCMini-pngBasic Coaching Skills & Ethics

Learn the fundamentals in a lively and entertaining way. Delve into and practice the ten fundamental coaching skills; also known as the core competencies. Your ability to demonstrate all 10 skills at a professional level is the basis of our evaluation process for ICF certification.

2PM – 4:00PM with Deanna Stull, PCC
8PM – 10:00PM with Rick Reddington, CVPCC

Next Basic Coaching:
2014-07-08 2PM ET
2014-09-24 2PM ET & 8PM ET

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Dates & Topics

May 21: What does Coaching mean to you?
May 28: Coaching Power Cycle
June 4: Creating Awareness
June 11: Goals, Actions & Progress
June 18: Coaching Presence & Building Trust
June 25: Coaching Critical Moments

ProficiencyCoachingTCMini-pngProficiencies Coaching

In this program you will learn the 15 Coaching Proficiencies created by the late Thomas Leonard – The Pattern Language of the craft of coaching.  The Proficiencies set an enticingly “high bar” for mastery.

2PM – 4:00PM with Eduardo Vier, MCC
8PM – 10:00PM with Trudy Ames, PCC

Next Proficiencies Coaching:
2014-07-09 2PM ET
2014-09-24 2PM ET & 8PM ET

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Dates & Topics

May 21: Engages in Provocative Conversations
May 28: Elicits Greatness
June 4: Navigates via Curiosity
June 11: Communicates Cleanly
June 18: Hones in on What is Most Important
June 25: Shares What Is There


AdvancedCommTCMini-pngAdvanced Communication Skills for Coaches

To connect like a Coach you have to be able to speak powerfully, EVEN when you don’t know what you are about to say!  With 75 powerful new Coaching Communication Tools you will be able to do this on a consistent basis.

2PM – 4:00PM with Coach Pamela Dykes, MCC
8PM – 10:00PM with Cristina Custodio, PCC

Next Advanced Communication Skills:
2014-09-24 2PM ET & 8PM ET

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Dates & Topics

May 21: 15 Ultimate Outcomes
May 28: 15 Clarifiers
June 4: 15 Communication Style Points
June 11: 15 Deliverables
June 18: 15 Frameworks
June 25: Bring it all together


No Classes or Group Calls on Thursdays



Coach Approach Show

Most Recent Show Posted by Friday 1PM ET

Twice each month we invite a business leader onto the show to be coached by one of our host coaches: Coach Dave Buck, MCC or Coach Deanna Stull, PCC.
You will learn powerful coaching skills AND business models just by watching.

Details Here. <<– Go to this page any time to watch the show!