CV Life Changing Conversation Big Game Intensive

Something has to change!

This is the truth that is driving you as a Game Changing Leader.  There is a change that you want to bring about in your company, community… for your customers, the world.  There is a new possibility you want to create with people or there is a pervasive problem that you aim to solve. Either way there are new results that you are after.

Join us for a Virtual Intensive

Date:  Friday January 2nd 12Noon – 4PM ET
Part of our new REAL Life Game: The Human RACE

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(The Intensive AND the Game are Free for CV Members)

Together – using the amazing new Maestro Social Webinar via phone + internet – we will engage in 4 hours of life-changing conversation!
We will each design our BIG Game for 2015 with intense focus on the transforming our business ventures from a place of work into a game worth playing!

YouInspireMeCircle-30-pngClarify YOUR “BIGGER Why” that will engage your community, customers and team: Your Manifesto!
Key question: What do you believe?

YouInspireMeCircle-30-pngClarify the Objects of your game including tangible outcomes, skills to master, WHO you will become AND upgrades to your environment (often overlooked)
Key question: What does winning look like?

YouInspireMeCircle-30-pngUse the RACE model to make your GAME results the centerpiece of your day… NOT your task list!
Key question: What are the results that you can NOT control but you CAN influence (this is where you find your game)

YouInspireMeCircle-30-pngTHE Ultimate Game: Leave your Industrial Mindset behind and become a Coach Approach Leader and a Purposeful Player;
Key question: How can you create a winning environment where you BECOME a great player naturally.

NOT a game of solitaire!

Rather than sitting alone and working – you will join in powerful Coach Approach conversation with “Game Changer” colleagues.  The energy of co-creation is essential to playing a big game in the world.
As an Industrial-Age baby you were told repeatedly to “do your own work”.  This was a well-intentioned message with really bad side-effects.  We are not meant to create our lives or businesses by “working alone”!
You will craft a compelling game plan for your best year ever while also meeting several potential supporters and partners.

You will experience a powerful combination of Coach Approach Super powers AND compelling new social technology.

Play 2 Win RACE Model for Designing a Winnable Game Worth Playing

This is the model that will be our guide for the conversation.
It is the foundation of our Play 2 Win Coach Training program where you learn the Coaching Super Power: Find the game!
(Click on the graphic for a printable PDF)


“Game Day” Timeline

Friday January 2nd 12Noon – 4PM ET

12Noon – 12:10 : Orientation; Abera Ca Dabera “I create as I speak”

12:10 – 1PM : Co-create your 2015 Purpose; Based on Play 2 Win Step #1 Define the Game

1PM – 2PM: Co-create your 2015  Objectives; Based on Play 2 Win Step #2: Design the Object of the Game

2PM – 3PM: Co-create your 2015 Game Design; Based on Play 2 Win Steps #3,4,5 RACE Model

3PM – 4PM: Laser Coaching with Coach Dave; We will go deep into a few game designs!

The ideal scenario is that you participate for the whole 4 hours.  However, we will refresh the conversation groups at the top of each hour so you can come for any part of it and stay for an hour or two.

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The Human RACE GameCoachVille Human RACE Real Life Game Coach Training

Your BIG GAME 2015 Intensive is part of “The Human RACE”, a CoachVille “Real Life” Game where you learn Coach Approach Super Powers and use them to transform companies, communities and lives from places of work into winnable games worth playing.  Our purpose with the game is create a robust environment where you transform from a worker completing tasks to a player creating world changing results!

In a CoachVille REAL Life Game you earn points and badges by participating in conversations, taking actions and creating results in your real life and then sharing about what happened on an on-line “Game Card”.
The actions are organized in “Missions” that will challenge you to use new skills and approaches in your business and life activities.  It is an engaging and fun way to create better results in your real life AND connect with your Game Changing CV team mates on the game card.

The Human RACE Game highlights the real life EPIC struggle between the Industrial Mindset and Management Science Principles and the Connected Age Mindset and Coach Approach Super Powers.

The “Game” also features frequent virtual gatherings in a variety of formats that will enlighten and inspire you while providing a powerful new “virtual environment” experience!

The Human RACE game, the intensive and all of the other calls and game card access are FREE for CoachVille members.

Quick Link to Get into the Human RACE Game < Here you will find the details for the Intensive and all of the other resources associated with the Human RACE game.

ICF CCEU’s Available for a Small Fee

Here is our bold new strategy for 2015 for our ICF Certified Members.  All of the calls associated with the Human RACE Game will be free for ALL CV Members.

If you need or want ICF CCEU’s, you can pay a small upgrade fee and receive a certificate for the qualifying calls that you participate in.  Easy.

The Big Game 2015 qualifies for 1.5 Accredited Coach Training CCEU.