To Play BIG in the World you need Inner Freedom!

This is a radical new interpretation of life that can really facilitate your personal quest to play BIG and provide you with a compelling framework to coach BIG players!

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Here is the BIG IDEA:

There is an EPIC Conflict inside each of us that makes life VERY Interesting.  It makes LIFE itself a game worth playing.

NOT the classic conflict between good and evil; that one does not really provide much use for typical life and business coaching scenarios!

The epic conflict is between:

your hearts desire to contribute and play BIG in the world


your human imperative to survive and play safe in the world.

This is a beautifully rich and compelling conflict that plays out in dozens of key moments in your life EVERY DAY!  We call these “Critical Moments of Choice”.

Critical Moment Examples include:

Do you make that follow up call about a potential opportunity? Or wait until tomorrow?

Do you talk with your partner about what you need? Or decide not to bother them?

Do you go to the networking event to talk about your venture? Or wait until you are “ready”?

You see what I am talking about here.  Are you making the BIGGEST plays in your game, or are you waiting?

A new framework!

Now in the classic self-help framework this would be about procrastination, time management or even “self-sabotage”.

But in coaching these frameworks do not help you or your player get to the truth.

Note: in the audio you can hear a classic Coach Dave rant against the notion of Self-Sabotage!
There is NO SUCH THING as self-sabotage for 99.99% of humanity.

The truth is… There is a REAL conflict going on in your thoughts, feelings and emotions.  Conflict is NOT a bad thing!  Conflict is present in any story worth telling and any game worth playing.

The key questions are:

Are you aware of the conflict?

Can you bring it to the surface to that you can explore it with your coach/player?

Can you dance with the conflict rather than avoiding it?

This was the discussion of a recent CoachVille Deep Dive Coaching conversation.

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In the Audio you will explore:

1) The concept called: The critical moments of choice and how to find them

2) How to dance with the Epic Conflict between the Imperative to play safe and the Desire to play BIG.

3) How to FEEL the Energy in your body to open the way for winning choices

4) There is NO SUCH Thing as Self Sabotage!

BONUS!! The Feel the Energy In Your Body Guided Visualization Audio!
Listen to this audio any time you are avoiding a big play in your game and you will be amazed at what you will discover!


Listening to this audio could be a major turning point in your own big game and in your ability to coach your biggest players.

I recommend you check it out and then let me know what you think about it!

Coach Dave, MCC