Find the Deeper Meaning of Your Career Dream

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Coach Dave HereLife Coach Larua Berman Fortgang

My good friend and Career Coaching superstar Laura Berman Fortgang was recently featured at the TEDx event in Boca Raton.

She gave an inspiring 12 minute talk about why it is important to look deeper than your resume when creating a career that you love.

To get to the good stuff of who you are and what you are really here to do, you must crack the metaphorical shell (aka your resume) and look inside for your real dream!   Scary but essential if you want to live a fulfilling life.

I found it really inspiring and I think you will as well.

AND here is the BIG point…

When a fellow Life Coach does something BIG, we need to support them.

By watching this Video – and forwarding it to your friends – you help promote Life Coaching in the world of new media.

That is a very good use of 12 minutes!

Also… YES! when you do something awesome, tell me about it and I will spread the word.

Here is the video!

Laura Berman Fortgang TEDx

Inside Scoop!

On the day of the event, she did her talk and it was awesome.  Then she found out from the dismayed event organizers that the camera was not working properly and her talk was not recorded.

So, like a true pro, she shook off the shock and disappointment and stepped up and did the same talk for a second time at the end of the event.

WOW! Guts.

Loving Life,Coaching Visionary Dave Buck, MCC

Coach Dave, MCC, MBA

ps. Please pass this on to everyone you know on a quest for a more fulfilling career!

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