play game pieces scrabbleSo why did I join CoachVille? For the same reason you should join CoachVille. To play. Yeah, I came here to play. Don’t you? I don’t mean this facetiously at all. I want to play big, and I also want to win big. By play I mean the same thing I meant when I was 12. The only difference is the game I’m playing has changed. Oh boy has it changed. Although I wish I could go back to the life of playing games at 12 years old, I enjoy the idea that I show up to my life as a player, ready to win at the game of my choosing, life.

If  life were a game, I’m definitely in it to win it. Most people share that sentiment, even if they’ve never looked at their life as a game. Since the vast majority of us sees life as an experience full of work, tasks, and responsibility, I decided I’d rather live for fun, results, and influence— the fruits you bear from the tree of play. The entire CoachVille philosophy promotes a true sense of play and winning the game. One great aspect of this way of coaching is the role play potential. Instead of the traditional client-coach relationship, the emphasis is on player and coach roles. The player (or client) chooses the game they want to win and the terms in which they do this. How brilliant!

This is a new day and age where people want results. There are so many ways to achieve this and the growth is in seeing this as the reality for all people. Our society stands the chance to dramatically change for the better once we all embrace the choice to play the game of our choosing the way we see fit. I cannot wait to fully activate this in my own life and as I coach! We call the old way of thinking the Industrial Age, and so many people are chained to it. A lot of coaching in our society can accomplish leaps and bounds just by deactivating the programming that comes along with this dying time period and thought process.

I want to coach men to their ultimate freedom and power over money, relationships, and lifestyle. I believe that men who live fuller lives can show up for themselves, their family, and their spirituality in amazing ways. Before I joined CoachVille, I felt that creating a valuable coaching experience for my clients would be a challenge for me. Now I know the sense of play philosophy, I’m excited to change some lives! The potential for coaching men on this paradigm is boundless. The player-coach relationship is a natural metaphor to sports. Men can take to the sense of playing their life as a sport very easily. In that sense, they become a true player and the idea snowballs from there. Creating a space where men feel open and judgment free can be complex, so doing that in a fun way makes me way more comfortable. Even my branding can borrow from the concept.

The beauty in learning how to coach from other great coaches is that I have already started to develop a better way of communicating. Some call it the Coach Approach. When I interact with others, I think through of my influence and response to them from a coach’s perspective. Even the concept of asking for permission as we do to begin all of our sessions has assisted in building real bridges with people. Now I can naturally create a space with a person that is genuine, free, and beneficial. This means growth for me in many ways personally.

The coaching industry is doing nothing but getting bigger, no doubt about it. As more people seek coaching, more people will enter the market to offer their help to those in need. The best thing you can do if you’re planning on getting into or staying in the industry as the landscape evolves is to get around some great trainers. I want to be the most valuable resource I can be, so I knew deep down that taking courses would be the best choice. No matter what approach you’re taking to coaching or your business, learning a new approach to people development will give you an edge.

Thanks to CoachVille, “play” is finally a welcome notion again. No longer do I have to resort to my 12 year old self again to feel like I’m enjoying life! All jokes aside, I’m so happy to relieve myself of the pressure that “work” creates. Less stress, less anxiety, less setback. Make the trade and shift to a different paradigm. More action, more fun, more results. For you, me, and everybody else who chooses. Who else is on board?


coachville profileNathaniel Patterson is a writer and a gentleman. His purpose, to become a better gentleman and a better king, and then lead others by sharing his journey. He is embracing the spirit of play as he transends fear and change. He is an ambassador of freedom and greatness, join him through his story.

Nathaniel’s Bio:

I am the Founder and CEO of The Gentleman League, a company and organization that is dedicated to you becoming a better you, a better gentleman, and a better king. This is an idea that came to me after so many years of experience in the corporate world and realizing what success really is, the idea that we need more gentlemen in the community and in personal interactions, and my own awakening to become a better person inside. My passion for this movement has awakened a spirit in me; I know that this is what I was born to do. This is my mission to complete, and from the moment that I birthed the idea, I really and truly wanted to hold myself to the same charge that I want members of my league to be dedicated — becoming the master of one’s own outcomes. The only issue is, I wasn’t doing that by working 65 hour work weeks for someone else’s empire. Something inside me told me that if I want others to take what I’m putting down, I had to drink my own juice.