Remember going back to school after a full summer of play and adventure? You were excited to share how you spent your summer with all of your friends because you grew so much, every experience taught you more about who you were and your place in the world. There was a magic about sharing your “becomings.”

Why do we let that go? Why do we let summers pass us by without exploration and adventure?

What if you do something significant? What is you experience the same kind of growth and becomings you did as a child?

Welcome to the Center for Coaching Mastery – Summer Intensive, starting July 11th, 2016 at 2pm Eastern.

The Summer Intensive program is designed specifically for folks who want a fast track to enough coach training to earn a basic level certification AND who have a light summer schedule allowing them the time to focus on classes in an “intensive format”. This would include educators, managers in organizations with lighter than normal summer workloads and anyone who happens to have this summer free. Lucky YOU! You can jump in and become a great coach in a short period of time.

  • Are you wanting to complete a coaching certification minimal amount of time?
  • Do you have more time available during the summer?
  • Do want come away from your summer vacation with new skills, expanded possibility and the new more clear sense of self?
  • Do you want to do something exciting, growth oriented and explore new career path?

A few thoughts about coaching…To be a coach is to be someone who plays BIG in the world by adding value to the lives of others while bringing joy and true wealth into your own life . The other BIG benefit of living the life of a Coach is this: Coaching is the most rigorous personal development concept ever invented! In order to coach well, you have to keep growing yourself. Every person you coach is a mirror into yourself in some way so you start to see yourself deeply and profoundly.

If you are a dedicated lifelong learner, then coaching is a great career for you. One last point: while we do take coaching very seriously, it really is a LOT of fun. With our emphasis on the Spirit of Play you are in for a lot of “big smile” moments. We like to pursue it as “Serious Play” and we hope you will too.

CoachVille’s summer intensive begins July 11. There are still a few slots available for registration if you like to discuss the program please feel free to call.

Summer Intensive

  • 60 hour training is condensed into six week time period
  • Prepares you for international Coach Federation certification at the associate certified coach credential level
  • You are living and breathing coaching and coach training in a virtual immersion experience
  • Classes are held Monday through Thursday 2 to 4 p.m. PM
  • Mentor coaching is included in the held in the fall either a 2 PM or 8PM Eastern.
  • Deep relationships are formed between participants because of program intensity
  • Entire program is held via teleconference, as such it fits into a busy or leisurely summer life

The Center for Coaching Mastery SUMMER Intensive program includes:

Level 1 – The Pursuit of Human Greatness

The focus is on the Basic Coaching Super Power and Play Two Win Coaching Method. Combining basic skills with a reliable method is the fastest way to become effective with your players. You will be able to guide them toward playing their game better and winning on their own terms. They will achieve results AND become masters of the game. Even experienced coaches will enjoy this curriculum.
The following programs are included in Level 1:

The classes in Summer Intensive:

Mentor Coaching is offered in the Fall

Mentor Coaching is offered in the fall session beginning in September. It is a six week course which requires completion of coaching hours for a successful class experience and so it held after training is complete and the coach has practiced coaching skills.

Elective to be taken any time during our traditional trimesters



Your investment for the Summer Intensive Program is $3,500 OR Payment plan: $1,000 Deposit + 5 payments of $575 ($3,875 total)

To apply you start with an application conversation!  Call today to make an appointment: 866-548-6516 (Call any time 24 / 7)


If you have any questions…Woman On Phone symbolizes CoachVille Admissions Advisor Session

about professional coaching,
about how you can play BIG in the world as a coach OR
about our program…
PLEASE FEEL FREE to contact us and set up a call with one of our New Student Advisers.

By email:
By phone: 866-548-6516 (Call any time 24 / 7)

We would love to talk with you.
In fact an application conversation is required for registration in the Summer Intensive Certification Program.