My quest to find the pathway to financial success for coaches continues…

In this episode we continue our Real Coaching Revolution Series and hone in on a few reasons why financial success is so elusive in the field of professional coaching.

A few key points from this Podcast

First I talk about the shift from the Industrial Age Transactional Coach to the Connected Age Relational Coach

Issue #1: Confusing coaching definitions.

CoachVille Coach Training Leadership Team Dave Buck There is one definition promoted by the International Coach Federation which is based on the Socratic Method.
Then there is the information guru “Tell them how to do it” version of coaching.
NEITHER of this styles of coaching give players what they want from a coach

Issue #2: The Transactional Business Model

I have spoken about this a few times now but it is important to keep repeating this message because we all grew up in the Industrial Age and the transactional model is all we know!

Bonus Issue #3: Coaches must OOZE confidence

A player will only hire a coach when they FEEL confidence oozing from the coach.  I call this the “Transformation Zone” and I explain it at the end of this audio.