This episode just might blow your coaching mind! (in a good way)



Here is a pdf file of slide for this episode


Notes from this episode:


1) Coaching is a profound form of relating; It is an emerging form of partnership

2) Coaching is the pursuit of results.  You need to know what “results” are!

3) Understand the relationship between a player and a Coach; all coaching starts with a player who wants to play better (aka create better results). The player and the coach become co-creators of the relationship AND the results.

4) Observation – Conversation Loops! This is REAL coaching! The player plays while the coach observes. Then they talk about it together. The coach shares observations. The player reflects on what they learned and sets out to play better the next time.

5) Play is a creative self-expression in pursuit of desired results.

Remember: Play is when you cannot control the outcome but you can influence it with your skill, energy, strategy, creativity etc. These are all things the coach can help the player improve.

6) Play reveals patterns especially non-conscious patterns!

The coach as an outside observer can see these patterns reveal themselves and then share about it in a way that creates awareness for the player.

7) Life is played by relating!  The more the coach can connect and observe their player in the act of “relating” the more useful an observer they will become!