We want to help you become a beacon of light in a challenging time, so we are offering an unprecedented Pursuit of Human Greatness Tuition Reduction, to learn more, read on.




Coaches are creators of profound belonging.

We are champions in the pursuit of human greatness. When the world is in turmoil, we stand up for judgement-free awareness, and we recognize the perfection in any situation.

We are messengers of the spirit of play. We move towards what we desire rather than away from what no longer serves us.

Deeply connected to our purpose, we are beacons of light in challenging times.

We are Professional Coaches, and we are here to change the world one person at a time.

Join us.

We are offering a significant tuition reduction on both of our Certification Program to contribute positivity to the world.

If you’ve thought about becoming a coach, now is the time.

Our acclaimed Center For Coaching Mastery Complete Program is reduced by $2000, from $7500 to $5500.

Out Starter Program, a subset of the Complete Program is reduced by $1000, from $3500 to $2500.

Our Pursuit of Human Greatness tuition special is available until December 10th, for more information, to observe a class or to schedule an admissions interview, please call 866-548-6516.